How to add text to photo on iPad Whether you want to create your own greeting cards or create a creative watermark, or just interesting graphics and text for your website or blog, you will no longer have to transfer your photos from iPad to your computer and make editing There, you will even be able to write on photos on the iPhone with ease.

How to add text to photo on iPad

All of these things can be done with the apps in this article that will let you use your iPad to edit, add graphics and text to your photos, apply themes, and access a wide range of fonts and other features.

Some apps for writing photos on the iPad

Writing on photos on iPhone with iPad Markup Photo

  • iPads come with the Photos app to manage, store and organize all of your photos, and within the Photos app.
  • You can use the iPad Markup Photo tool to edit and add captions, along with custom text and designs, just open the Photos app and select the specific photo you want to edit.
  • Then select “Edit” to add custom text to your photo and click on the “More” icon, select “Markup” and then press the “Plus” sign to add a caption to the image in plain text format.
  • After selecting the option, type the text for the image label and then you can position the text box where you want it on the image and adjust the size, font, and alignment to meet your needs.
  • You also have pencil and highlighter options that you can use to draw shapes or captions for a custom design.

Writing on photos on iPhone using PicSee – Text on Pictures

  • This app allows you to quickly add text, emoticons, and stickers to photos taken on your iPhone.
  • Although it is a free app, PicSee offers additional fonts, filters, and additional functionality as in-app purchases.
  • It also allows one-touch sharing to multiple social networking sites and via email.
  • Download and install Picasa from the iTunes App Store to your iPhone.
  • After installation, launch the app and load the image you want to add text to, and then use the text button to add captions to your image.
  • Type the caption and tap Done. If you want more, you can add effects, emoticons, and stickers as well.
  • After that, press the arrow button in the upper-right corner to save the image written on it in the camera roll.

Writing on photos on iPhone using Photo Captions Free app

  • In addition to adding text, Photo Captions Free for iPhone creates frames, collages, cards, and adds captions and stickers.
  • Download and install Photo Captions Free from the iTunes App Store on your iPhone.
  • Launch the app and load the photo you want to add text and other filters too.
  • Click the Captions button to add text.
  • Select the T icon and press Orientation of the text box – Landscape or Portrait.
  • Type your text and set the font and size.
  • Add stickers, effects, or frames as desired.
  • Click on the Save icon located in the lower right corner.
How to add text to photo on iPad
How to add text to photo on iPad

Writing on Photos on iPhone Using After Photo

  • After Photo has photo writing tools for iPhone and embeds text in your photos as captions.
  • Download and install After Photo from the iTunes App Store on your iPad.
  • Launch the app and click on the yellow arrow to load the image you want to add text to.
  • Double-click on the default text to enter the text and press Done.
  • Use the left arrow to edit the text and press Save.

How to add text on iPad?

  • iMovie includes a powerful set of editing options to enhance your videos, where adding text is one way that can come in handy.
  • But how to access this option is not clear, so we walk you through the details of this process whether you want to add titles, subtitles, or other text in your movie.
  • Tap on the video you want to add text to.
  • Select the “T” icon at the bottom of the screen.
  • Choose the desired style from the list of templates.
  • Click on the sample title in the viewer and select Edit to type in the desired text, then click Done.
  • From there, you can click on the title again to reposition it as needed.
  • You can also compress the text to reduce or expand the size, or if you want to change the font or color.
  • You can press the “T” that appears in the clip below the video preview area and select either “Aa” (for font), or the multicolored circle icon (for color).
  • This can also be achieved when you first select a text style, and there are more options, such as text-shadow and capitalization, available if you tap on the three-dot icon from that screen.

In IOS, there is always a feature or feature that you discover with use, you may know it and pass it in front of you daily, but benefiting from it only comes with repeated use. This is what happens with me regarding the Markup feature, or it is called in Arabic a description.

How to write on pictures on iPad

Simply, with this feature, you can write pictures on the iPhone without the need to install programs from the store, whether free or paid. You have a tool that provides the minimum amount of adding comments above the pictures.

I tested the feature on my device so I suggest you start using it and with a little creativity, it will become an effective writing tool before sharing photos on social media platforms.

You will be able to perform the following tasks:

  • Add texts on photos.
  • Add a signature to the photo.
  • Zoom in on any part of the image.
  • Add arrows and different geometric shapes.
  • Easily control fonts and colors.


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