How to add text to photo on Instagram, We had provided you this morning a detailed topic about Instagram support for the feature of creating text-only stories and the method of writing a post on Instagram, which will allow all Instagram users, who are more than 800 million monthly active users, the ability to The feature of using the text writing feature in the Instagram application.

How to add text to photo on Instagram

It is the addition of stories on their personal accounts consisting of texts only, a feature that characterized the Facebook and Twitter application only and was not available to the Instagram application, which comes in third place after them as the most popular social media platform.

Steps to write a post with more than one line on Instagram

  • After entering the Instagram application -> click on the (+) icon in the upper right of the screen.
  • After pressing the (+) icon, your phone’s gallery will open.
  • Below you will find a bar with more than one feature, choose (Story or Story) according to the language of the application you are using.
  • After pressing the story will open the phone’s camera! Do not worry, on the left side of the screen you will find the Aa symbol, click on it.
  • A color screen will open and tell you to press to type. Tap the middle of the screen to open the keyboard to start typing.
  • After you finish writing the text you want, you can change the writing font by pressing the word Classic at the top of the screen to change the shape of the font as you like.
  • You can choose the hidden color through several colors available on Instagram.
  • To change the color of the hidden, you will find a (circle) on the top to the left with the background color on which you wrote. Click on it several times to choose the right background color for you.
  • You can also add a music clip or a song on the “post” you wrote by clicking on the sticker icon at the top, and you can choose to put a song, your current location, or other features that you can choose you to want from them.
  • After you finish writing the text on Instagram in the way you want, post by clicking on your photo and it will be published immediately.

Add text to photo on Instagram

  • And because the thing is little by little, the administrators of the Instagram application continue to provide more and always new features, so this application is expected to be the number one and to skip Facebook.
  • Especially after this feature that makes it and Facebooks one thing apart from some minor features.
  • Like a floating bubble for the Facebook Messenger application that makes it possible to use it with any other application.
  • Or even chat groups that aren’t available on Instagram yet.
  • The developers of the Instagram app have recently managed to bring all the features of the Snapchat app to the app.
  • This led to a noticeable decline in the popularity of Snapchat in front of Instagram in the last period.
  • Finally, Instagram has confirmed that the new Type feature or text feature is a new way to share anything you can think of with creative backgrounds or distinct text styles.
How to add text to photo on Instagram
How to add text to photo on Instagram

Features of writing on Instagram:

You may now be wondering what are the advantages of using this site instead of other sites? The answer is very simple, and it is summarized in the following lines:

  • The site is easy and simple to use and does not require any experience or effort.
  • You can have a giant number of fonts to decorate your Instagram page and stand out from your friends.
  • The site is completely safe and does not contain any annoying ads.
  • Many people will be interested in your unique lettering style.
  • The site is completely free and contains all these fonts without any charge.

How to write on Instagram easily

We now move on to explaining the Instagram decorated lettering site, which will make you dazzle all your friends, and the method is simple and easy through IgFonts.

How to write a post on Instagram the new way

The Technology Online System website offers “methods of writing a post on Instagram, the first of which is that there are those who resort to writing a post with an image attached, where they publish a picture or a short video and we add the explanation or text at the bottom of it.

But there are those who want to write a post without adding an image, so we explain how and how to write text-only without an image and publish it on your account on the famous photo and video exchange site, which in its recent update added a new update that allows the user to write text only within the Story feature.

How to write a post on Instagram 2021

  • Update the application to the latest version available on the Google Play Store to receive the new feature, then log in to your account by typing the password and your email.
  • Now go to Instagram Stories and then you will notice the emergence of a new option titled (Text) Click on it and write what you want to write and publish it on your stories to friends.

How to write a post on Instagram

  • There is another way to write a post on Instagram, which is as follows:
  • Enter the Instagram application cm, search, you will find at the bottom of the screen an option called Type or Text.
  • Click on the Text option then you will find many options to change the background and style of writing before sharing it.

Choose the writing style from the top center of the screen as you like

  • The new feature provided by the latest Instagram update is the availability of four options for writing styles with colored backgrounds, and each of the writing styles “neon and modern and strong typewriter” has more than one different background color to match the style.
  • Select the written text and add color effects to it.
  • And after explaining the ways of how to write a text or post on Instagram, contrary to the original that it grew out of publishing only photos and videos.
  • In the following, we explain to you many things about this application, including how to upload photos or videos to your Instagram account.
  • You can post photos and videos through your smartphone or computers, but through the computer, you will find some difficulty, and the steps will need some extra tricks, unlike the mobile phone.


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