Add text to photo download If you want to write on photos but still haven’t found the right tool to do it? Follow this article to the end until you know the best way to add texts on images, as there are many tools that will help you create more than wonderful images by adding texts on them in a wonderful and professional way.

Add text to photo download

  • It is very easy to add texts to any image, but what makes things difficult is choosing a program or website that specializes in writing on images.
  • Where there are many applications and sites, but they are not of high quality, so today I will present to you the best program and site for writing on images.

Canva Write on Pictures

  • We all know that there is more than one photo writing software out there and one of them is Canva which is one of the most popular photo editing and writing apps.
  • It is used by more than 50 million people due to the built-in features like adding text to visuals and creating quotes that we see frequently on Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest.
Add text to photo download
Add text to photo download

How to write and add texts on photos

  • The application is very easy to use and allows various text processing to make the images more attractive. While the app itself is freely available, you may occasionally see ads.
  • So upgrading it for some money will free you from ads and enable you to use all its features.
  • Apart from adding text, Canva is ideal for writing on photos, making posters, flyers, banners, as well as logos.
  • So if you are looking for an app that can add more functionality than just text editing, you should download Canva because it is the right fit for you and your business.

Canva features for writing a text on images

  • It is easy to use and comes with a distinctive and attractive design in addition to being free.
  • It allows you to write on photos in a wonderful and professional way and choose the right font for you among the large group of fonts that the application provides you with.
  • The ability to modify the images completely includes all the tools that you may need to modify the images.
  • It has a large selection of frames in different shapes and styles to choose from, all ready to add to any of your photos.
  • There are also many ways to add flair to the right frame.
  • It comes with about 60 thousand ready-made and free templates that you can customize by adding images, text, fonts, and special colors.
  • Includes many effects that you can add to your photos to become more professional.
  • It allows you to share the photos you have modified with it on social networking sites with the click of a button.

Photo writing website: Add Text

  • If you want to write on photos but do not want to download a program or application for any reason.
  • You are in the right place, as there are many wonderful sites that allow you to write on any image professionally in a very short time, and the most important and famous of these sites is Add Text.
  • Add Text is a free online tool that allows you to write on images with ease without downloading any application or software windows 10.
  • Moreover, Add Text includes many different types of fonts that you can choose from and also allows you to choose the color that you like.
  • The most important thing about this site is that it does not require you to log in in any way; Just enter the site and add the image and then start writing the text you want on your image.
  • In simple steps, you will write on any image with different fonts and in a variety of attractive ways.
Add text to photo download
Add text to photo download

How to add texts to photos

  • Applications like Microsoft Word, Google Slides, etc. allow you to overlap images or text on another image without any fuss.
  • But when users try to achieve the same thing in Google Docs, they are disappointed.
  • The ability to place an image or text in front of another image is missing in Google Docs.
  • This does not mean that layers of text over images cannot be achieved.
  • You can do this by the methods mentioned in this post.
  • Layers in documents can add words to an image, add a logo or watermarks to an image, or combine two images.
  • There are two ways to layer images in Google Docs. First, with the help of Google Drawings and secondly, with the text wrap feature.
  • Let’s check both ways to layer images or text on another image in Google Docs.

Additional Tips for Mounting Images in Google Docs

  • If you want to edit any element of this image later, just double-click the image in Google Docs.
  • You will be taken to the drawing board where you can edit the items.
  • If the text appears to move with the image when you perform these steps.
  • Select “Fix position on page” from the same image toolbar where you changed the margin for each of the images.
  • Change photos at any time, if you feel you have added the wrong photos, you don’t need to repeat all steps.
  • Simply, add text to photo download right-click on the image you want to change, and hit the Replace Image option.
  • Change the transparency of the watermark If you are adding a logo.
  • Or watermark to an image using method 2, you can control its transparency.
  • For that, click on the image and hit the three dots icon from the toolbar.
  • Select all image options.
  • Google Docs Enough Using simple methods, we were able to add images and text on another image in Google Docs.
  • This removes the fuss of having a complete photo editor for overlapping photos.
  • Of course, its importance cannot be ignored. You’ll have to rely on it if you want to edit photos in bulk.


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