Vive le football play store release date, Vive le football is one of the modern games that have been produced in our current year 2021 and developed by developer NetEase. You have the latest games that are preferred by many game lovers.

Vive le football play store release date

Today, we will present to you the latest version of the Fifa Lee Football game, the modern version, which has a lot of features:

  • Like the game’s small size.
  • And it’s wonderful graphics.
  • Professionalism in-game photography.
  • The dress that players wear while playing.
  • By controlling the gameplay and setting the start and end time of the match.
  • And a lot of what we will learn in the next lines.

So we are glad that you enjoy playing it on your mobile devices through the direct and free download link that you will find available at the bottom of the article.

You can also enjoy more games available in the Android Games Download section with a direct and free download link.

Download Vive le football for Android with a direct link

You have to learn how to download the game on your mobile with the Android operating system, and it is worth noting that the game is currently available on servers available for Australia and Thailand, as the company that produced the game has made it available in many countries around the world.

Vive le football

The game contains a lot of features that are not found in the pc ps4 Xbox that make it superior to these games in the present time, which are preferred by many players such as adding legends and face cards in a new way, nice and more realistic.

Through the game control system and graphics, and this is one of the most important reasons that made it a very popular game that is superior in the world, and it is very similar to the games played by computer users, Android users, and players who enjoy football games in all its versions.

Vive le football play store release date
Vive le football play store release date

How to download Vive le football apk for mobile

In order to download the Vive le football apk, you must download the ipec file of the game, and after downloading the file, use the default file of your device, or the file manager, go to the download folder in which the game file is located.

Important note

  • Do not open the game before you cut the obb file to the android / obb folder, after this step opens the game from the folder.
  • But you must have an internet connection, download the resource file, change the appearance of the file manager, select the file manager.
  • Select the name that you have chosen, and now you can enjoy the game, enjoying the most beautiful graphics.

Features of downloading FIFA Lee Football game for Android mobile

The Vive le football apk for Android has managed to occupy an important place in the world of football games on large phones, due to its many advantages, such as:

  • Vive le football play store release date is a nice, easy and simple game that smartphone users can enjoy and play with friends and family.
  • This game has a lot of features that made it popular and unique, making it superior to many other games.
  • The game has a lot of game modes that you will need in soccer games.
  • Game has great artistic graphics and high graphics and is updated in a good way.
  • The game offers players an amazing gaming experience that is close to the simulation on the ground.
  • Size of the game is very small so that it fits perfectly with different operating systems, whether it is for Android, computer, or inbox.
  • The game will not consume the resources of your device.
  • The game has a realistic story and events that you can enjoy as a football player and lover.

Additional Features: Vive le football

  • The game contains realistic graphics that are closer to the truth through professional photography.
  • Vive le Football has a video tutorial for you to learn the art of the game and how to play it.
  • The game contains some effects on the audio and visual level, which enhances the enjoyment of suspense and excitement.
  • The game comes with a lot of visual details, and some real photos of the most famous players around the world.
  • Game works in high quality, whether in sound or image, similar to the quality of many games produced by the executing company, such as FIFA and PES.
  • The game Vive le football play store release date comes with some new moves of its kind, and modern technologies which make it give the player a great possibility to form the team.
  • The game provides users with a unique way to customize the clothing of the players on your team.
  • You can develop your team, and control the players by controlling the game stick that you will find on the left of the playing screen.
  • Can by pressing the play button to pass the ball to the other player, or by free-kick, or kick-off.
  • You can learn to score goals with the joystick.
  • Develop your playing skills by controlling the game element.
  • Execute some movements in the game to reach a high level with modern technology.
  • Learn how to dribble in the game by developing your physical abilities as a professional player.
  • Beat your friends who play the same game with you.
  • Level up your game and learn a lot for the game you love with new abilities.

Information about the game

  • Game Name: Vive le Football.
  • Version: updated.
  • Game size: 700 MB.
  • Developer: Netease.
  • Game Category: sports – football.
  • Price: Free.
  • Game mode: Online.

Vive le football play store release date


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