How to play Vive le football, the new football game Vive le football is among the games that made a noise in this New Year 2021, which was never downloaded on the Android game download platform Play Store and on the Apple Store, and many were waiting for the download The official global release to download Vive le football 2021, but unfortunately, all game servers have stopped at the trial stage for a specific number of users.

How to play Vive le football

  • But a few days ago, and this month, a beta version of the Vive le football apk, the Chinese version, was launched on the official website.
  • Please tap tap for pre-registration for all phones, whether Android or iPhone.
  • And by watching the introductory video of the game, it appears that it is completely similar to the global version with graphics and graphics.
  • As well as all the characteristics and features, it is not similar to pes and FIFA, the game of Vive football is different in all respects.
  • You live a unique experience of its kind, you are the coach and you are the manager and you play football inside a stadium and there is also street football.
  • A new soccer game has appeared for Android named how to download Vive le football apk obb that allows you to experience living the life of a soccer coach on your phone, the game is fully licensed by Vibro.
  • With this, you will notice the realistic faces and also the official characteristics of each player, Ibrahimovic, Lukaku, and Lautaro, and many other matches in the Italian League.
  • Also, the grumpiest ever, enjoy every detail of this game that came to invent the way we play football.

Play Vive le football

  • You should start in the lowest leagues in Brazil, in this case.
  • Will start in the third-tier soccer teams of the Brazilian Football Championship.
  • You will start out as a soccer player and only play a few matches.
  • Will be a substitute until you improve your soccer skills over the course of soccer matches and as you gain more experience as a Paulistao player.
  • You will start playing several more minutes with each soccer game until the team starts and the coach trusts you to be the soccer striker.
How to play Vive le football
How to play Vive le football

Features of Vive le football for Android

  • The game has a football game, team management, and street football at the same time
  • Unbelievable hits and saves, all with a flick of your finger!
  • Play against friends or challenge players from all over the world!
  • Choose your favorite team! Play with FC Barcelona, ​​Liverpool FC, Borussia Dortmund, and more.
  • Conquer the extensive Career Mode to win medals!
  • Upgrade your player and equipment to take on the best in the world!
  • Quick gameplay with continuous action!

Explain the game Vive le football

  • FIFA Ball is a simple game that is completely devoid of difficulty.
  • It only requires a player who knows the laws of football in order to be able to score goals and dribble with the opponent.
  • The game also works according to a set of wonderful mechanisms, including the following:

AC Milan license

  • One of the most beautiful things the game has managed to obtain and reach this distinguished level is the AC Milan license.
  • This license opens the way for fans of the game to display player names and other team badges, making the player more exciting and interesting.

Realistic graphics

  • One of the important things behind the game tops the list of the best ball games because these graphics embody reality in a very strong way.
  • This similarity makes the player feel like he is in the middle of the field and is required to cooperate with his teams of players.
  • This is to be able to win the match and move to a higher level and prepare for a more complex match, in addition to the game inclusion of many world-famous teams for a very enjoyable match.

Various playgrounds

  • The playing style within the game was not limited to a specific stadium or a unified climate, but the game includes many different stadiums that the player can choose their favorite.
  • We also find that the game has a diverse climate, whether it is a moderate climate, free or very rainy while playing the game, which gives the game a touch of difficulty mixed with eagerness for victory, enthusiasm, and suspense to achieve it.

Vive le football

  • As soon as you click on the link to download Vive le football for Android mentioned below and download it to your phone, the player starts choosing his special team.
  • Determining the game plan that he intends to apply in front of the opponent, trying to score goals and make the match reflected in his favor.
  • Don’t make defeat a place in your game but practice enough to be able to score several goals and get the match and rise to a higher level.

How to Vive le football free download for Android

  • The best option is to download directly from your browser.
  • Click on the download button.
  • After you will be directed to the page from which you download the download.
  • There are many options to download or install the APK file from the Play Store.
  • Click on Download APK.
  • A confirmation window will then appear based on your browser preferences.
  • Click Download again and save the file to your device.

Vive le football for Android

The Vive le football for Android topped the list of football games for a large group of football fans and lovers of electronic games in general, so the demand for the Vive le football free download link for Android increased in order to enjoy the game at any time without being restricted to computers or PlayStations.

Vive le football free download

  • Vive le football free download is one of the most powerful new football games.
  • A game that offers all the possibilities of playing football on the computer, and the PlayStation.
  • It provides the coach and the master league mode.
  • It also allows street football mode, the game provides high graphics and advanced for mobile games.
  • So it is difficult to find all these features in a mobile football game, so it is expected that this game will be very popular.
  • It also introduced the features of the PES game along with the features of the FIFA game.
  • As it added some new things such as the Master League, and also added the street football mode, online and offline.

Download Vive le football


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