transfer google photos to onedrive One of the distinctive services that Google provides to users of Android phones is the Google Photos application and service.

Where, through this application or service, you can save various pictures and videos on your phone and take a backup copy of them in this service, in a way that makes it easier for you to search for pictures and videos to return to them again.

With this important and useful topic, we will learn the correct way to transfer photos and videos from Google Photos to OneDrive.

move google photos to onedrive

We will find that many of you think that this matter is useless and has no importance in order to address it, but there are also those who wish to transfer from a Google account to my Microsoft account.

Whereas, the company responsible for the application of google photos is the global company Google, while the company responsible for the application of cloud storage Onedrive is Microsoft also with a large encyclopedia of users around the world.

If you don’t have enough storage space on your phone and in the Google Photos app, Microsoft’s OneDrive service is where you can upload photos, videos, and files, sync them to a cloud storage, and access them from any mobile phone, computer, or iPad tablet.

It also provides a free storage space of 15 GB for all its users.

Besides, this option also allows you to get additional storage space in your phone.

You can take advantage of the additional storage space to back up your camera photos to the OneDrive account you created.

You can also refer a friend to OneDrive and get an additional 500MB of storage for each person.

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And if you refer 10 friends to OneDrive, you get 5GB of space max.

In order to take advantage of this storage space, you can transfer photos and videos from the Google Photos app to the OneDrive app, in case the storage space for your disk on the device you are using is insufficient. The steps in this explanation are simple and you can apply them through your phone or computer.

transfer photos from google photos to onedrive

There are many different cloud storage services out there, but OneDrive is the most popular of many. That is why you will be able to transfer whatever pictures and videos you want from the Google Photos application to this service, and here are the steps.

Steps to apply this explanation :

  • All said, and as a first step, enter the Google Takeout page, where once you enter this page with a Google account that includes photos, click on the option of All photo albums included, which means including all photos in the account. GOOGLE TAKEOUT PAGE
  • Here, uncheck the top checkbox then you will be able to choose your Google photo album which you want to export. If you want to export all photos and videos stored on Google Photos to OneDrive, leave the first checkbox as it is. Then click “OK.”
transfer photos from google photos to onedrive
transfer photos from google photos to onedrive
  • You will now be taken to another new interface, and in that interface click on the Next step option, meaning the next step.
  • Here, select from the dropdown the Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage option. Then click on “Link accounts and create export,” depending on the language used.
  • Now, Google will ask to verify your account Google credentials again, then you will be redirected to the OneDrive login page. Once signed in, give Google permission to manage files on OneDrive.
  • Finally, the export process will begin on the “Google Takeout” page. You can close the tab if the process is taking too long. You will also receive an email upon completion of the export.
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