Ps4 plus game discounts, if you own a Sony Playstation 4 and are looking for some of your favorite and beloved games, this is why the PlayStation 4 comes mostly with a few games such as God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Marvel’s Spider-Man, and some other games that you may not like, which prompted you to search for the best new 2021 PlayStation 4 games that you need before the release of the new PlayStation 5 device, which is expected to be released during this year.

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Ps4 plus game discounts

Call of Duty game

For sure, this game is well known, as it is one of the most downloaded games in 2019, specifically on the Google Play Store for Android.

This game is the strongest competitor and alternative to the game “PUBG”, which is also known to all of us. The idea of ​​this game revolves around that you will create a character bearing your name to fight a war with Tim made up of three friends, or that the computer randomly selects three other characters.

Determine the place to go down on the map, and you and your friends set out to collect war equipment, combat, and ammunition, and start fighting the enemies until you reach the end, the game is very strong and difficult, but at the beginning, you are a beginner, you will feel easier in the game, but the more you advance in the level, the more you notice yourself very difficult in fighting the enemies and continuing to the end.

Ps4 plus game discounts
Ps4 plus game discounts

Control game

 Control is one of the strongest and best first-person action and fighting games, and this game appeared during the past year 2019.

The idea of ​​the game revolves around the latest arrest and elimination of any non-natural threats that violate the aliens. You personally must assume the role of searching for these abnormal or supernatural incidents and then try to eliminate them successfully and without any losses.

Inside the game, you find an old and abandoned small building, but from the inside, it is very large, this building that appears from the outside small includes a large group of abnormal accidents and some people who are able to control the truth and time.

In the meantime, you must quickly try to enter this building and then explore these people and eliminate them, it is one of the most powerful video games that require you to control and control everything.

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FIFA 20 game

Are you a fan of soccer games? If your answer is yes, then you can try the new FIFA 20 game now on your device FIFA 2021 is a video game that supports work on a range of platforms including PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Microsoft Windows.

You have to use individual skills to overtake players or to score goals while playing the game on the screen of your device.

Ps4 plus game discounts when you start playing the game on your device, you will notice that it is more realistic as if you were actually watching a real soccer match.

There are a lot of improvements within this game so that you will notice a greater reality within the stadium itself.

The game offers greater realism for scoring goals and dealing with goalkeepers.

Not only that but you are also required to select and choose a specific point of shots which will make scoring from outside the penalty area very difficult if compared to previous versions of the FIFA series of games.

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