cancel app store subscriptions Many apps and games within the appstore have their own subscriptions to take advantage of the additional benefits they provide.

Although the step of canceling the subscription may seem like a simple thing for some, we wanted to explain the method so that someone who does not know the method can benefit from it.

manage apple subscriptions

Also, some may face that their credit card is deducted on a monthly basis through the Apple Store, and in this case the reason is most likely that the subscription was either an application or a game.

Let us now explain the steps, as it is very easy and simple, knowing that this method is suitable for iPhone and iPad.

how to cancel apple subscriptions

1_Open the appstore on your iPhone and then click on your account picture

2_Click on the word Subscriptions

3_You will see a list of all the applications or games that you have a valid subscription to, whether it is paid or free, choose the application that you want to cancel your subscription with.

4_If this subscription is free, the phrase “cancel the free trial” will appear. If it is paid, the phrase “cancel subscription” will appear.

5_A cancellation confirmation message will appear, click “Confirm”

6_You will notice that the Cancel Subscription button will disappear, which means that the subscription has already been canceled

7_Go back to the validity of the subscriptions again and you will find that the expiration date of the subscription appears under the name of the application that you canceled your subscription to, and this means that you have already canceled the subscription and your subscription will expire on the specified date

It is worth noting that when you cancel any subscription from any application or game, the subscription will remain in effect until the end of the period in which you subscribed, whether it is monthly or annual, and whether this subscription is trial or paid.

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