Ps4 plus May 2021, the Playstation games is one of the distinctive games that a lot is looking for, especially the PlayStation 4 games. This is due to the fact that these devices do not have a large number of games and the most prominent games are the Spider-Man game and many wars and action games, so a lot is looking for the best PS4 games for him to download and enjoy.

Ps4 plus May 2021

We offer you a large collection Ps4 plus May 2021, which is the best games currently available for the PlayStation devices, and PlayStation 4 devices are distinguished by that it includes a wide range of games in all different categories. You can download football games, car games, action games, and other games in different categories.

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FIFA 20 game

The PS4 system supports the ability to easily play FIFA 20 on the device, and you can download the game on computers and Xbox. FIFA 20 is the last version launched by FIFA for this year, which has achieved great popularity as it has very high capabilities that made it one of the best football games. The foot is characterized by extreme realism.

FIFA 20 includes all-new football stadiums and all teams and teams, and the graphics and graphics for the game have been developed to help make the game more realistic than previous versions released by FIFA, which is what it has already succeeded in. It helps control every player on the field, which helps make FIFA 20 even more exciting and fun.

Ps4 plus May 2021
Ps4 plus May 2021

Control game

One of the best PS4 games that achieved great success in a short period after its launch is an action game, the game was released in 2019 and achieved widespread worldwide, especially as it has a different and distinct idea from other action games. Aliens, not with people.

The fighting style inside the Control game is very distinctive and helps the game to become very realistic while playing, and you have to devise different playing methods in order to be able to eliminate your enemies and preserve the city without any damage to it, the size of the game is about 55 GB because it has very high graphics capabilities, And you need an Intel processor.

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Call of Duty game

Call of Duty is a game well known for sure and is one of the best free PS4 games played by millions on Playstation and computers, it is a game in the category of fighting, action, and adventurous games that has great realism and a wonderful embodiment of characters and battlefields, as the game witnessed A big leap in its capabilities to become one of the most exciting and action games.

If you want to download PlayStation 4 games, I recommend this game if you are a fan of fighting and war games, you will get a very enjoyable experience, and enter into a lot of endless battles, and the stages within the game consist of 32 players and you and your team must enter to get rid of the enemies.

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