My Android phone is stuck in Safe Mode, if you are a super Android user, you probably already know its Safe Mode.

Although it is a great tool to find out why your phone is misbehaving, using safe mode is not always as smooth as expected.

Your phone can get stuck in this mode randomly.

Ideally, getting out of Safe Mode should be a fairly easy and simple task.

But if you are stuck or don’t know how to get out of it, we have listed the 6 best ways to get your phone out of Safe Mode, ranging from the easiest to the most demanding of the steps.

android phone stuck in safe mode

There are many important uses for safe mode on an Android phone or even in all devices that support this mode. But staying in this mode is not always a solution. And it’s possible to stay stuck with it. So let’s start with the solutions.

First solution: restart the phone

First solution restart the phone
First solution restart the phone

The most straightforward way to exit Safe Mode is to restart your device.

If there are no software issues, then your Android phone should be running in normal mode.

To restart your phone, just press and hold the power button until a popup appears, then tap Restart.

If you don’t see an option to restart, tap Turn off instead.

Then wait a few seconds for your phone to completely shut down.

Then press and hold the power button until you see a logo appear on the screen.

With this, you have restarted your phone and you have been able to exit Safe Mode.

Second solution: check the notification panel

Some devices also feature a Safe Mode option in the notification panel. If you are lucky and your phone has this option, just drag the notification panel down and tap on the “Safe mode is on” setting. Now your phone will automatically restart and go back to normal mode.

my android is stuck in safe mode

Third solution: use buttons on the phone

If the above fixes did not work and you are still stuck in safe mode then try using the phone key combination that can solve this problem.

First, turn off and restart your phone by pressing and holding the power button until you see a logo.

Then press and hold the Volume Down button quickly until you see the “Safe Mode: OFF” message.

With this, you have completely turned off the safe mode in the phone and returned to the basic mode.

Fourth solution: problems with phone buttons

It’s possible that your phone is stuck in safe mode due to malfunctioning buttons.

Since Safe Mode is enabled by pressing and holding the Power and Volume Up or Down buttons together, it is possible that one of the buttons is malfunctioning.

This causes your phone to repeatedly enter Safe Mode.

It is a good idea to check every button on your phone to check if it is working normally.

If you are using a protective case, remove it first and check each button separately.

If you encounter a malfunction with one of the buttons, go to the nearest service shop to fix the problem.

Fifth solution: uninstall apps that are causing errors

Usually Android phone automatically switches to safe mode if any third-party app is messing up the system in general.

However, one of the faulty third-party apps might have changed something to leave your phone stuck in safe mode.

To fix this problem try to uninstall some third-party apps from your phone that you recently installed in the phone and are causing this problem.

Regarding which ones to uninstall, choose the apps that start automatically when the phone starts up and the most recently installed apps or the recently updated apps.

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