how to block websites on chrome There are some websites that the user does not want to run on the browser or allow someone who uses the same computer to access them.

And there may be a certain site that appears from time to time in spite of the user Popup and annoys him to an extent that may cause him embarrassment if it appears in front of others.

At a time when the user was not able to get rid of it by finding the appropriate method., We find that the shortest quick way to get rid of it is blocking.

Today we are talking about blocking websites on the Chrome browser in particular, because the vast majority of them use it, whether on computers or on personal phones, and we have prepared a simple method on how to block certain websites through the Chrome browser.

how to block sites on chrome

First, we will use the Block Site extension available on the add-on store, search for it there or click on the Block Site – Website Blocker for Chrome extension link.

  • After that, click on Add it to your browser from the top right of the page, as shown in the following image.
how to block sites on chrome
how to block sites on chrome
  • After clicking on Add, confirmation of this extension will be asked. You have to click OK and then let the installation process complete.
  • After the add-on is installed, you will see it appear at the top of the browser as shown in the image
how to block sites on chrome
how to block sites on chrome
  • Click on it and then wait, a new tab will open.
  • You can add the site that you want to block from the browser by clicking on Edit block sites list, then entering the site manually and clicking on Block this site and the picture shows that.
  • You can also reverse the ban or add other sites by clicking on the same list and then removing a site or adding new sites to the blacklist, “Look at the picture”.

how to block websites on google chrome

how to block websites on google chrome
how to block websites on google chrome
  • After that, go to the left side of the page and click on settings in Arabic or settings.
  • You will see some options, including the option to add blocked passwords, after which you will be asked to enter passwords as shown in the picture.
how to block websites on chrome
how to block websites on chrome
  • By doing so, you have blocked the requested site and it will not open as long as you do not remove it from the block list in your browser.


  • You can add the largest number of sites in the option to block sites on Chrome, no problem with that.
  • Nobody can open the site unless you give them the passwords to block the site.
  • This method does not conflict with sites that require a VPN.

how to block a website on android

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