Ps plus free games, April was great for PS Plus members in terms of free games, and now we’re looking forward to May 2021. Which should be a good month as well, but what will we see and when exactly?

Latest News – PS Plus announced for May 2021

The leak was correct! Wreckfest, Battlefield V and Stranded Deep are PS Plus games in May 2021!

Stranded Deep might be a little smaller than the games of the past months, but Battlefield V and Wreckfest are pretty impressive.

Leaked PS4 games?

A well-known site claims to know about PS4 games in the next batch of PS Plus games.

While areajugones don’t know what the PS5 game will be like, they claim the following will be included in its May 2021 squad.

  • Battlefield V.
  • Stranded Deep.

Battlefield 6 was officially revealed last week, so now would be a good time to include an earlier game from the series in the PS Plus lineup.

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Ps plus free games
Ps plus free games

Free games leaks and predictions

Unusually, there’s a shortage of leaks this month which means all we’re saying below is guesswork.

Ps plus free games With the PS Plus games launching May 4, 2021, we tend to suggest Star Wars.

Both Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and Star Wars: Squadrons are on Xbox Game Pass via EA Play,

So it is not unlikely that it will appear in PS Plus in May 2021.

Do you think Squadrons would be a good addition to PS Plus?

We don’t think two Star Wars games will be popular in the gaming community, and we can list countless other games.

Every month there are always at least two PS4 games and one PS5 game. We don’t think that will change, but we’re not sure what the PS5 could be.

We don’t think it will be a new game, as we got Oddworld: Soulstorm last month.

With this in mind, we tend to suggest Overcooked! All-You-Can-Eat, Monster Truck Championship, and Temtem next month!

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Confirmed games

As you might imagine, we don’t have any confirmed games to talk about yet. Last month, PS Plus gave us Zombie Army 4: Dead War and Days Gone with Oddworld: Soulstorm.

Did you think Days Gone was a good PS Plus game?

That’s a lot of zombie content, right? We’re not sure if it’s a coincidence or not, but it leads us to believe that we’ll be seeing a more vibrant set of games this time.

However, we will have to wait for the official word from PlayStation before we can confirm anything.

Ps plus free games

According to the leak, the PlayStation Plus games will include Disco Elysium and Godfall. But at the same time, he said that the source of this information was not from his reliable sources.

So we have to keep the news under the umbrella of rumors until the official announcement from Sony arrives tomorrow or maybe in the State of Play episode that is supposed to air on the morning of April 30th.

As for Godfall, it was released as a launch game for the Playstation 5, which may also be released for PS4. But this game did not get high ratings, as it received a rating from us for a game that works well.

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