connect iphone to computer

how to connect iphone to pc The desire of many users of a smart iPhone device to keep some data and files.

Whether audio or images and multimedia on their computer, and vice versa as well, where many people want to enjoy some audio and video files on their computer from their iPhone, so they are looking for the simplest and easiest ways to achieve this.

how to connect iphone to pc
how to connect iphone to pc

connect iphone to pc

With the advancement of technology and the development of modern technologies, it has become easy to connect the iPhone and the computer, using many means so that everyone can find what suits him, and among these simple and easy ways.

how to connect iphone to computer

When dispensing with wired and USB connections, then some steps can be followed to link between the iPhone and the computer via the Bluetooth feature, which facilitates the connection between them wirelessly, provided that they are in the same geographical area, and these steps are:

  • Turn on the iPhone that you want to link to the computer, choose the bluetooth feature from the settings menu, and open the bluetooth range.
  • Turn on the computer, choose the Start menu, enter its control panel, and head to the option to add a Bluetooth device.
  • It searches for available devices, and the computer’s Bluetooth picks up the iPhone in its range that has the Bluetooth enabled feature quickly and easily.
  • When the name of the target iPhone device for linking appears in the list of devices that the computer Bluetooth has captured, the consent to pair the two devices is chosen.
  • Copy the code provided by the computer to its field on the iPhone to complete the process of connecting the iPhone to the computer successfully.
  • Perform all the expected tasks by linking the two devices together with ease and convenience.

how to sync itunes to iphone

ITunes is a free computer application issued by Apple, which allows the opportunity to enjoy various music and video files, and this distinct application is used to transfer and synchronize the contents of the computer from multiple data with the iPhone device through a set of easy and quick procedures, which are:

  • Open iTunes and start making available all the updates available in the Help and Checklist for its latest version.
  • Once the update process is completed, Restart will restart for iTunes, and choose the list of available devices on it to determine the iPhone in use.
  • Sync the content of the iPhone and iTunes application to your computer, and in case some data, such as email account and some files, cannot be synchronized, some other applications are used to share them.
  • Ensure that the synchronization process is occurring by showing the check box, which you may need to repeat the previous steps several times for it to succeed and connect the iPhone to the computer.

Use the USB connection to connect the iPhone to the computer

The USB connection is one of the important accessories that comes with the iPhone device, through which you can easily and quickly connect the iPhone to the computer in a few seconds.

  • By connecting one end of the link to the computer, as well as connecting the end dedicated to the iPhone in the space provided for it.
  • Once this is done, a small icon appears on the computer screen confirming the connection between them, so that any of the operations targeted by the connection process can be performed.
  • You can then transfer and receive different files, including pictures, videos, and files of various kinds from the computer to the iPhone phone and vice versa.

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