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xbox live gold games for free Here we are in May, usually not a prolific month, and its games are soon forgotten, with the exception of some titles for sure.

But our paragraph here does not care about all of that, because the player is the first and last beneficiary, even if they are weak games.

In any case, the month of May has its share of free games, so our mission is to introduce you to those games.


The fictional kingdom that seizes the most terrifying Armello disease, which drags its host into the depths of madness with each passing day

As the palace falls into disarray, the king’s advisors steadfastly continue to implement their leader’s increasingly bizarre policies

You and three rival clan leaders are engaged in a complex power struggle, which must somehow be resolved before the king’s impending death.

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Dungeons 3

When I first started playing Dungeons 3, I immediately remembered X-Morph: Defense.

As the aim of both games is to exterminate the innocents and slowly transform lively environments into your desolate evil creations nonetheless.

Dungeons 3 is more fun and has a more complex plot.

The story involves the entry of an evil spirit into the body of a dwarf, but the dialogue in Dungeons 3 can be downright hilarious through the humorous events and a lot of geek things.

The only downside to this is when you hear a frequent joke that unfortunately happens more often than you think … however.

The general sense of comedy combines with the sinister premise of formulating a somewhat convincing narrative.

xbox live free

Batman Lego

This is where we ditch the happy Bruce Wayne character.The sense of humor resides in the shape of the Lego-inspired characters we lost our childhood on.

But as soon as I see this feeling and this atmosphere on Batman, I have a nostalgic moment that revives my innocent moments with the game.

The game is generally worth placing in your library even if you don’t include it in your charts these days, but the last days of this month are sure to have a few hours of endless fun.

Tropico 4

Tropico is a Construction and Management Simulation game developed by PopTop Software and published by Gathering of Developers in April 2001.

The game sees the player take on the role of “El Presidente,” the ruler of an island in the Caribbean during the Cold War era from the 1950s onwards.

Caribbean city building games were created before, but Tropico were the first games that focused on the Cold War.

The game used a great deal of humor while still referring to topics like inclusivity and electoral fraud.

And the interventions of powerful corporations and great powers in the Cold War (the United States and the Soviet Union).

  • Of course, these games will also be available to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers, along with the rest of the service’s games, of course.

xbox live gold games for free Of course, the May list offers a very good bargain, especially if you subscribe to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, but at the same time the list does not contain huge or central games, which is a little expected because the focus is now on Xbox Game Pass offers and games.

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