how to know your laptop model

how to know my laptop model Many users may think that knowing the model of the laptop is completely unimportant, but of course it is an important thing that we need in many situations.

For example, you may find problems with your device related to device drivers because you have used wrong or generic drivers for your device.

While it may be that your device needs certain drivers in order to eliminate this problem, and here shows the importance of knowing your laptop model.

Through this model or serial number, you can know everything that fits your device, whether drivers or even spare parts! It is not just a matter of tariffs.

Rather, the need for this serial number has many benefits now, so in this article we will explain how to get the model of the lab with ease.

how to check your laptop model

1_Open the run menu

  • In this step, you should open the run menu, by going to the start menu and then typing the word “run” and clicking on the icon that will appear to you.

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2_Type dxdiag

  • Through this command, you will be able to get your laptop model in a matter of seconds, so you just have to enter the command and then press OK.

3_Look at the system model field

  • Now that all the information about your device has appeared, including the model of your laptop or computer, you only have to look at the name of the system model to find the name of the model of your device with ease.
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