Upgrade to windows 10 free, for many Windows 10 users, the upgrade to Home or Pro depends on the previous Windows type of computer, meaning if your computer was previously running Windows 7, it will be upgraded to Windows 10 Home. It will upgrade to Windows 10 Pro.

So what’s the difference between Home and Pro? As it turned out, the differences between them do not mean much to the regular user, as these versions reflect the nature of the consumer and whether his use is commercial or professional.

Windows 10 Pro beats Windows 10 Home with these features:

1- Private Catalog: Access your company’s applications through your section in the Windows Store.

2- BitLocker: Protect your private data, enhance encryption and manage security.

3- Remote Desktop: Log in and use your desktop from home or from outside.

4- Hyper-V: Creating and Running Virtual Machines.

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As you can see, many regular users do not need these features, but they are important to others, such as developers, IT workers, entrepreneurs, and some students.

Upgrade to windows 10 free
Upgrade to windows 10 free

How to check which operating system you own?

Windows 8.1

  • Win + C}> Settings> Change PC Settings> PC and devices> PC Info}.
  • [Windows key + C key]> Settings> Change computer settings> Personal computers and devices> PC info.

Windows 10

  • Settings> System> About> Edition
  • Settings> System> About> Version.

Upgrade Windows 10 Home to Windows 10 Pro

1- Right-click on Action Center.

2- Select “All Settings”.

3- Select “Update & Security”.

4- Click on “Activation”.

5- Click on “Go to Store”.

You will be taken to the store and you will find a list of Windows 10 Pro that you can upgrade to by purchasing it for $ 99.99.Once you complete the purchase, additional features will open and become available to you, and your Windows 10 Pro license key will be received automatically.

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How much does it cost to upgrade from windows 7 to windows 10?

 It’s worth noting that although upgrading to Windows 10 Pro for $ 99 seems like a good way to go, if you’re building a PC, it’s more expensive. Buying Windows 10 Home will be a little more expensive and then upgrade to Windows 10 Pro later.

Windows 10 Home is the standalone price of $ 140, and adding Windows 100 Pro Upgrade raises the price to $ 240. On its own, Windows 10 Pro is reselling $ 200. This should be taken into account when considering upgrading to Pro.

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