cpu usage windows 10

Windows 10 is without a doubt the best version of Windows so far. It offers all the advanced features and the security system that the user needs.

However, most Windows 10 users have complained about unexpected CPU usage or RAM consumption issues.

Now, naturally, this should be devastating for your computer, as you may have to use a computer with very slow performance which is definitely a bigger concern.

Or you need to change the processor and the RAM after a period of time as a result of their damage greatly over time.

But in this topic we will show you the best ways to reduce this problem without any risks to the computer.

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Don’t worry, there are ways to find out the cause of these problems and even overcome them.

Although, people come with several ways to fix high CPU usage and RAM space depletion in Windows 10 PC issue.

Here we have listed some of the most effective ways to deal with this somewhat stressful problem.

Remove malware

high cpu usage windows 10
high cpu usage windows 10

The most common cause of maximum system related problems is malware.

Again, this malware plays an important role behind slowing down your system. So if you are facing any similar situation, you should try to scan for malware in the system completely.

So, you can use any anti-malware program, but make sure it’s a reliable program.

Or, you can just stick to your primary Windows antivirus.

Perform deep checks to remove such malware from its root, and this may help your computer maintain its normal behavior.

In fact, it avoids the problem of excessive consumption of the CPY processor and RAM.

Check driver updates

According to several Windows forums, an outdated driver can lead to excessive memory usage. To avoid this, you can check for driver updates and fix the problem. Follow the steps below to update outdated drivers.

Check driver updates
Check driver updates
  • Open the device manager.
  • Then check if there are any yellow flags in front of any of the drivers. The yellow mark indicates that the driver is out of date.
  • If any of the outdated drivers are present, just update them by right-clicking on them and then choosing the Update command.

Disable startup programs

When you start up your Windows, some programs start automatically on startup.

Hence, any third-party app on startup is likely to consume a great deal of CPU and RAM.

In such cases, disable these junk programs by following the steps below to free up some space:

Disable startup programs
Disable startup programs
  • Right-click on the Win key + R buttons to launch the RUN launcher.
  • Now enter the following command which is MSConfig and then click on the OK button.
  • This will take you to the task manager. Now go to the Startup tab.
  • Now you can disable any of the programs you don’t want directly from this list. Thus, you will get a faster computer boot.

Change the values ​​in the registry tool

If none of the options really work for you, try changing the values ​​in the Registry tool. Whereas, you can play around with some of the values ​​for this tool’s options, which primarily affect the processor and the RAM. Here are the correct steps for adjusting the values ​​of these options:

Change the values ​​in the registry tool
Change the values ​​in the registry tool
  • Right-click on the Win key + R buttons to launch the RUN launcher.
  • Now enter the next command which is Regedit and then click on the OK button.
  • Here, enter the following path in the registry tool:

Session Manager\Memory Management

  • Now look for the option “ClearPageFileAtShutdown”.
  • Finally, change its value from 0 to 1 and restart your computer. Thus, you will feel a greater improvement in the system and less consumption of processor and RAM in the Windows 10 operating system.

Use a tool to diagnose random memory problems in the computer

We previously showed you in a special explanation a few days ago about an important tool in the system, which is the Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool.

With this tool, you can identify any problems facing your computer’s RAM and work to solve them.

With the application of this explanation that we presented in a previous topic on the tool for diagnosing memory problems in a computer.

Thus, you will get rid of the problem of consuming your RAM space and get a very noticeably faster computer speed.

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