What is Harmony OS? Harmony OS is Huawei’s new move to consolidate its technical dominance, the company’s CEO said in August 2019.

This was in response to previous political events, as the company believed that if Huawei were to abandon Android, it would.

Harmony OS

Harmony is a new operating system, and let’s not confuse it with Huawei Mobile Services, which are Huawei applications that try to replace Google applications as a solution to the Huawei blocking problem.

These apps will work on phones like the Huawei P40 and Mate 40, and it appears Huawei had planned that before the ban.

What is Harmony OS
What is Harmony OS

What is Harmony OS?

Harmonyos, or HongMeng, is a platform that is designed to work on a variety of devices, and is currently seeking to support the Internet of Things, including smart home devices.

The first device to work with this system was Honor TV, and then it was used in many products, including Huawei TV.

Given the current political situation between the United States and China, and the extent of its impact on Huawei’s powers to use Android, there is no doubt that Huawei will not stand idly by about it.

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Harmony OS price and release date

Harmonyos will be available for free as long as your phone is running on OS. And since Huawei phones are affordable and affordable for the general public, getting the system won’t be difficult.

But if you are a fan of Huawei and are eager to try the new OS, it looks like you will have to wait.

Although the Harmonyos is used in Honor TV and Huawei TV screens, but so far it is only available in China, and Huawei announced that the new Huawei Watch TV will work with the new system, but so far the company has not set a date to launch the operating system on phones.

It seems that the launch of the system on smartphones will be delayed, so we will have to wait a while to try the new Huawei system.

What is Harmony OS
What is Harmony OS

How does Harmony OS work?

Huawei claims that as a result of the increasing number of devices using the Internet of Things, we need a more efficient operating system. Although the Internet of Things consumes less storage space in any smartphone, we need more simple code and software.

According to Huawei, 100 lines of code in Android can be shortened to a single line in Harmony OS,

and in addition to that, the operating system provides very powerful functions for the devices.

Is Harmony OS planning to replace Android?

The company stated that it can start using the system at any time, but due to the efficiency of the

partner Google, the priority will be for the Android system, but if problems arise in its use in the future,

then Harmony OS may replace Android.

However, as a result of the current situation, the possibility of Huawei continuing to use the Android

system is diminishing, so it is likely that we will see the first phone running Harmony within the current year.

Huawei can replace Android quickly and easily, but they want to maintain their partnership with Google, at least for now.

Huawei’s statement regarding Harmony OS

According to the statement, Huawei will not replace Harmony OS with Android for the time being,

this was confirmed by John Tan, Head of Media and Communications Department.

Huawei added that the total replacement takes years to complete, which contradicts the previous statement

that coincided with the start of the system launch, but it seems that Huawei does not have a plan to launch

the system on its phones at this time.

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