Super Resolution is a great technology that uses artificial intelligence to improve the quality of photos in Photoshop, and is a useful way to breathe new life into old shots and print larger photos with twice the number of pixels in width and height.

To build Super Resolution, Adobe trained its Sensei AI technology with millions of real images.

how to increase resolution in photoshop

The feature compared the originals with quarter-size versions so that the system can learn the best way, and it applies this behavior to your own photos, as it makes well-thought-out guesses about how to improve the quality of images in Photoshop and increase the accuracy of these images.

Super Resolution works with the Adobe Camera Raw tool in Photoshop.

Adobe trained the feature to work with RAW images, the format preferred by photo enthusiasts and professionals for editing flexibility and image quality.

But Super Resolution can work with traditional images, such as JPEG and HEIC captured by your phone.

In this article, we try to explain how to use Super Resolution on its own, and then how to apply it via JPEG files to improve the quality of photos in Photoshop.

camera raw super resolution

In order to use the Super Resolution feature, a raw image file must be opened. Photoshop opens the raw image files directly in the Adobe Camera Raw tool. Next, right-click the image and select the Optimize option.

camera raw super resolution
camera raw super resolution
  • An enhanced preview dialog appears with two options to control the process, and the first option called “Raw Details” that Adobe added in 2019 improves how the raw files are displayed.
  • Below is the “Super Resolution” option, and you must make sure that the check box is checked. To see the expected results, you can move the preview image, or click the magnifying glass icon to zoom out and then click again on the correction you want to check.
camera raw super resolution
camera raw super resolution
  • Next click the Optimize button and wait, Photoshop shows its estimate of how long the process will take – several minutes in some cases – but it’s often done faster in testing, sometimes a few seconds to convert 12-megapixel photos to 48-megapixel.
  • Then comes the fine-tuning stage, and it is preferred to zoom in to adjust details, such as: sharpness, texture and noise reduction, using the sliders located across the right edge of the tool.
  • Finally, click on the Done button to save the new version next to the original with “-Enhanced” added to your filename.
camera raw super resolution
camera raw super resolution

Using Super Resolution via JPEG:

In order to apply Super Resolution to JPEG, HEIC, or TIFF, you must first change Photoshop preferences to open these file formats in Adobe Camera Raw by default, and you cannot only use the Camera Raw Filter menu command.

  • You should first open Photoshop Preferences, then go to the File Handling section, and then click on Camera Raw Preferences.
  • And in the next dialog that appears, click on the File Processing section, change the JPEG / HEIC dropdown menu to automatically open all supported images, and do the same for TIFF images if you want as well.
  • This modification allows images to open in Adobe Camera Raw even if you do not want to use Super Resolution and the rest of Adobe Camera Raw’s editing options.
  • DSLRs and mirrorless cameras from Sony, Nikon, Canon and other camera makers have the option to shoot raw, but smartphones are getting better at that as well, with Apple’s ProRaw and Google’s raw computational technology.
super resolution
super resolution
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