Gmail is one of the largest mail services in the world, which is acquired by Google.

Where we can send mail messages to any other account easily and without any restrictions.

Among the most important advantages of this service is that it is possible to freely own more than one personal account.

But what about dealing with messages on the site and what we receive from messages in various accounts?

This is what we will help you with in this article.

We’ll enable you to learn how to automatically forward Gmail messages from one account to another.

Follow this topic until the end to know the steps and explanation in detail.

forward multiple emails gmail

Let’s admit, we all use Gmail to receive and send emails.

Compared to all other email services, Gmail is easy to use, and most importantly, it’s free for everyone.

You can store as many emails as you want within the free 15GB storage space.

You can also attach documents, photos, videos, and other file types to Gmail emails.

Since companies use Gmail as well, Google introduced mail forwarding.

The mail forwarding feature allows you to read your Gmail messages from any email account.

Even if you don’t use a third-party email account, you can forward emails to another Gmail account.

This makes it easier for you, as a user, to read emails from any account you want without having to access the same e-mail.

Automatically converting Gmail messages from one account to another will greatly reduce the time and effort for us in moving from one email account to another.

It will also increase your level of productivity at work by not losing any e-mail messages from any account that you have in this special service.

email forwarding gmail

Only, you have to apply these steps that we will review with you on any Gmail account you have. As we will specifically apply this explanation to the web version of Gmail, that is, through the browser.

  • First of all, log in to your Gmail account from a web browser on your computer. As this method works only through the browser and not the official application on the phone.
  • Now click on the Settings gear icon as shown below and select “Show all settings or See all settings”.
how to forward email in gmail
how to forward email in gmail
  • On the settings page, click on the “Forwarding and POP / IMAP” tab.
Forwarding and POP  IMAP
Forwarding and POP IMAP
  • Under the Forwarding option, click on “Add a forwarding address.”
Add a forwarding address
Add a forwarding address
  • In the next pop-up window, enter the email address you want to forward messages to and click “Next”.
  • Once done, you will be asked to confirm your forwarding address. Click the “Proceed” button. You have confirmed that it is this mail that your Gmail messages will be automatically forwarded to.
Automatically forward Gmail messages to it
Automatically forward Gmail messages to it
  • A verification email will be sent to the address you entered. Open the other email account and click on the verify or confirm link.
  • Now go back to the settings page for the Gmail account you want to forward messages from and refresh your browser through the refresh icon in the browser or clicking the F5 button.
  • Now, enable the option “Forward a copy of incoming mail to”. Next, choose what you want to happen with the Gmail copy of your emails. It is recommended that you keep the copy of Gmail in your inbox.
Forward a copy of incoming mail to
Forward a copy of incoming mail to
  • Once you are done with your changes, click on the “Save Changes” button.
Save Changes
Save Changes

That is all there is to it! Now all your messages will be forwarded to the other Gmail account that you selected in the settings. If you choose to disable forwarding, open the account and select the option “disable forwarding”. Once done, click the “Save changes” button again.

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