According to the latest statistics, the number of Gmail users has reached 2 billion users from all over the world.

This means that it is one of the most important e-mail applications, if not the best, but this does not mean that we know about alternatives to this mail, so we will learn about the best alternative applications for the Gmail e-mail application .

Many people need Gmail to access many Google services, such as YouTube, or even send emails, as well as register on various websites.

There are people who do not like to use this email from Google and want to use other applications and with different domains, in order to register for some of the services that they need, and another category wants to change and try something new.

This article aims to introduce you to alternative applications and services for the Gmail application, which will not be less powerful in terms of protection than the Gmail application.

gmail app alternative

These four applications have a good user base, it can be said that they came as competing applications for Gmail, but they still need further development to reach what the Gmail has reached.

However, you can rely on these applications as alternative applications to the Google email application because they are highly protected and have difficult-to-penetrate protection algorithms.

Spark app

Spark app
Spark app

Of the applications strongly present as an email application for communication and completing transactions in the Google Play Store.

This application has received many distinguished reviews from users who express their satisfaction with this service.

The Spark application is distinguished by its elegant appearance, with an easy and simple interface, and the user finds a lot of simplicity in dealing with it.

Also, many sites and programs accept the domain for this application to register on their site, and the process of registering in it and owning the account is very easy and in seconds you will have a new e-mail with the strongest protection possible.

The beautiful thing about this application is that it is possible to link all of your email accounts with your account in the Spark application, and this gives greater ease for you as a user to browse all your messages through one application and from one application only.

You will find in the application many categories, including unimportant messages, in which all suspicious messages are reserved to obtain the greatest protection from falling into the trap of penetration.

Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail
Yahoo Mail

Who among us has not heard of this service from e-mail and its great role in giving millions of people around the world many e-mail addresses.

The Yahoo service is one of the most important alternatives to the Gmail service, and in order to use all the services available from Yahoo, you must have an account on this site, in which the process of owning an account is as easy as possible.

The Yahoo app allows you to organize many different things such as photos, travel information, files, and more into separate channels.

You can rely on the Yahoo application for the protection the site has and the great difficulty in accessing your e-mail.

This means registering for many services and sites via this mail with confidence in him and his ability to protect our accounts in those sites.

Outlook app

Outlook app
Outlook app

One of the oldest and most popular applications in the world, as it is the first e-mail that people have known since the beginning of the development of communication over the Internet.

Outlook belongs to the global Microsoft Corporation, this American company known for its powerful and useful services in the world of the World Wide Web.

Outlook allows the application to send and receive e-mail very securely and with the strongest protection encryptions, and the Outlook application allows to analyze the messages that are received and classify them according to the priority of the user.

Other endless features of this popular email app.

Email app – Lightning Fast & Secure Mail

Email app - Lightning Fast & Secure Mail
Email app – Lightning Fast & Secure Mail

This application is classified as one of the applications that can replace the Gmail application, as many of the advantages of the application include the ability to send and receive messages very securely and away from eavesdropping.

The Email application blocks suspicious messages automatically, because the site follows some smart algorithms that isolate these messages in the suspicious message box.

This application manages many e-mails simultaneously and divides each of them into its own mailbox for each account specifically.

You can easily download the application through the Google Play Store and then start creating your new and alternative mail to Gmail.

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