Apple is supposed to unveil new versions of its operating systems for the iPhone, iPad iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 at its WWDC on June 7, according to a new report from Bloomberg.

Accordingly, the company is preparing for the most significant update to the iPad’s home screen since the product was first launched in 2010.

The iOS 14 update was announced last year during WWDC on June 22, before becoming available for download on September 16 with the release of the iPhone 12 lineup.

The report includes a set of details about what to expect from the latest versions of the operating systems for mobile devices from Apple iOS 15 and iPadOS 15, and here are the most important points:

New filters for notifications based on user status: Users have more precise control over how notifications are displayed depending on whether they are driving, at work, or turn on Do Not Disturb, through a new menu that can be accessed from the lock screen and Control Center

Upgrading the iPad home screen

Upgrading the iPad Home Screen: The upgrade includes the ability to add user interface elements, although the report does not provide any other details, but it shows that this upgrade represents the most important update to the iPad main screen since the launch of the product

Quick access to privacy data: The new menu allows users to see the information that apps collect about them, and this should lead to the use of the same data that Apple used in the new privacy stickers that were introduced to the App Store last December.

IOS lock screen update

IOS Lock Screen Update: This includes accessing the privacy menu above, and it’s not clear if there are any other changes coming

Social upgrades for iMessage: New features help iMessage compete with WhatsApp with the ultimate goal of serving as a social network, but the report says: This ultimate goal is still in an early stage of development and may be announced later this year.

Minor updates for macOS, watchOS, and tvOS: Apple launched a major redesign of macOS last year with Big Sur, so it seems right to expect only small changes this time.

It is noteworthy that iOS 14.5 will arrive next week to provide support for Apple’s new AirTag object trackers, and the company’s new audio broadcast features.

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