how do i change my youtube name

How to change my youtube name The YouTube platform has launched a feature that is highly requested by creators, as the video sharing platform makes it easy for content makers to change the name and account picture across the channel to better reflect the content without updating the name and picture associated with the account via Google

Content makers can now change the name of their YouTube channel and the channel image within YouTube, so that these changes only affect the account within YouTube

The change helps keep the YouTube name and your content separate from Google services, such as Gmail and Google Docs

And the content creators had to change their name to the entire Google account, so that their name on YouTube is the same name that they send emails from in Gmail

This did not make sense from a branding or professional perspective, and the new system should provide more flexibility for content makers who might prefer to send emails with their actual name rather than their channel name.

There is one substantial caveat about the new feature: Content creators with a badge that verifies that badge will lose their name if they change their name

YouTube says: The content creator must apply for the badge again

Both personal and brand accounts can use the new channel name feature

The platform shows that this feature is the most important request from creators, and it is being rolled out now

how to change your youtube channel name

The first way is through the phone

  • Open the YouTube app and tap on the account picture
  • Click on your channel and then the option to edit the channel
  • Enter your updated name and click OK to change your name
  • Click on your photo and select an existing photo or take a new one and hit save to change the account picture

how to change your youtube name

The second way is through the computer

  • Sign in to YouTube Studio
  • Select from the right-hand menu the Personalization option, then Basic Information, click Edit to update your channel name, enter your new name, and then click Publish in order to change your name.
  • Select from the right-hand menu the Personalization option and then the trademark and click Upload, select a picture, adjust its size, click Done, and then click Publish in order to change your account picture

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