Google announced that Apple’s new (M1) Mac computer users will soon have access to a full range of its products and applications.

Where the company announced that it has succeeded in resolving the remaining compatibility issues that affect the processes of synchronizing and backing up files in the service (Google Drive) Google Drive.

According to Google, the backup and sync process works well with Google Drive and Google Photos.

Whereas, it was not available to users of Mac computers operating with a processor (M1) when these computers were launched in November of last year.

google drive sync mac

However, a company update published in early January indicated that this particular issue had been completely resolved.

Google stated in the post: “Google Workspac version 3.54 and later is compatible with macOS Big Sur with fixing problems in M1 processors.

“Which prevented the running of previous versions from keeping a backup copy and allow synchronization for some users. In addition, performance improvements and additional bug fixes have been made.”

In addition to the availability of backup and sync, users of Mac computers running on an M1 processor will not wait long before they can take advantage of the Drive File Stream service – currently called Google Drive for desktop – which is an on-demand cloud service.

Enterprise-oriented, providing users with a fast and easy way to access Google Drive files directly and work on them without the need to download them to a computer to conserve storage space.

It is worth noting that when Apple announced that it would use its own (M1) processors instead of Intel processors in its new computers.

There have been concerns regarding application compatibility with the new processor, although there are still persistent application compatibility issues with the M1 processor.

However, application developers are striving to find suitable solutions that make their applications work well on Mac computers that run on the new Mac processor that was previously launched.

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