Microsoft Classroom Pen 2

Microsoft is releasing a new pen for classroom use called Classroom Pen 2, which will be available April 27 and will be sold directly to schools.

The company launched its first Classroom pen in 2019, and it sells for $ 39.99 per unit

And it is compatible with any device that supports the MPP protocol, including a number of non-Windows devices

Classroom Pen 2 price

Microsoft’s Classroom Pen 2 for Schools is selling in packages of 20 pens for $ 399.80, meaning $ 19.99 per pen.

Classroom Pen 2 features

Microsoft explains that the pen has an improved design compared to the previous model, although the advertisement does not share many details

Classroom Pen 2 appears to come in a different color and has a pen clip to attach to the Surface Type Cover

The company also says: The new device has a longer casing to improve the way it is held

The pen has two buttons, and it shares some classroom features with the Classroom Pen

The stylus is sold with replacement tips and batteries and includes a slot so teachers can attach a chain through it to attach the pen to the Surface device.

This release is part of Microsoft’s push to challenge the Chromebooks in the field of education, and these devices witnessed their best year ever in 2020, as many students around the world began attending class from home

Microsoft has worked with partners such as Acer, Dell, and Lenovo to release dozens of Windows PCs under $ 500 in the past few years, along with Microsoft Teams updates designed for use in the classroom.

Stylus support may be a must for students who wish to draw diagrams and take notes from their laptop computers.

Digital ink writing helps schools and institutions boost sustainability by reducing paper and printer use

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