Windows 10 backup software, we all have private and important data and files on personal computers, and we are all keen to preserve them from loss, damage, or breakdown of the device and its infection with viruses and piracy, and we are all looking for means to protect this data.

Here, the importance of backing up that data, or the so-called Windows 10 backup software, appears, and to take all precautions against any damage to important data, we recommend that you use Windows backup programs, which include many free tools.

What is Windows 10 backup software?

Before we go through Windows 10 backup software, we will first explain what is meant by the backup process.

What do we mean by Windows 10 backup software?

  • Copying is a periodically occurring process for saving files on your device.
  • By files, we mean everything that is on the computer, be it audio files, video clips, computer files, and files of the operating system as well.
  • Therefore, we recommend that you schedule this process and do it as you go to record all the changes.

Forms for scheduling Windows backup software

Windows 10 backup software
Windows 10 backup software

First shape:

System Full: It is taking a complete copy of the folder or file or even the entire disk, and of course this may take a long time and more space on the hard disk.

The second form:

“Differential” system: It consists of taking a complete copy of the file or folder at the first time, but in the following times it takes a full backup copy but stores only the changes that occurred on the file, and of course it is faster than the previous system and does not occupy much space for storage and preservation on the disk .

Third form:

Incremental system: It is the fastest system for the copy process, as it takes a backup copy of the entire file once, then saves and stores the changes only after that one copy copy separately, but it is nonetheless the slowest system in the file retrieval process, due to the large number of copies. That he is doing.

A list of Windows backup programs

We are reviewing with you the 5 best free backup programs for Windows, some may be free and others can be bought, so you can choose what suits you as follows:

The first program: EaseUS Todo Backup

  • EaseUS Todo Backup is one of the best Windows 10 backup software.
  • The program comes from EaseUS, which works to provide the best programs that can deal with hard disks.
  • Program also comes in two versions, one free and the other paid, and the free version has many features and great capabilities.
  • The program provides you to take a full backup of your entire disk.
  • This is in addition to the ability to take a copy of a single file, folder, or partition.
  • With one click, you can also copy a specific classification, such as copying video or photo files.
  • You can also, through the program, copy the entire operating system and make a backup copy of it.

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The second program: Macrium Reflect

  • Macrium Reflect is a great computer program and is no less efficient than the previous Windows 10 backup software.
  • It also has a free copy of it, through which you can make full backup copies of files, or make partial backup copies to save only simple changes.
  • Through the program, you can also make a backup copy of the entire operating system, or copy the hard disk, or copy a specific partition.
  • Is in addition to the ability to make scheduling of copies automatically via the “Full” or “Differential” system.
  • The paid version also provides some additional features such as file protection, and copying individual folders or files.

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