Change centurylink wifi password, the use of Wi-Fi may become available to anyone if the Wi-Fi password becomes known and popular, or if the Wi-Fi network is open without any protection from overuse.

This may result in data draining and pressure on your Internet, but this problem can be easily overcome by learning how to change the Wi-Fi password and come up with a new word that is difficult to predict.

How to change the Wi-Fi password

Change centurylink wifi password Any user can change the Wi-Fi password through sequence with the following steps: 1

Time needed: 3 minutes.

How to change the Wi-Fi password

Change centurylink wifi password
Change centurylink wifi password

1- Network connection

Checking the internet connection (either from the phone or the computer).

2- Entering the browser

Use one of the internet browsers such as Google Chrome or Firefox to enter the router settings by opening the browser and entering the user’s IP address.

If the step to accessing the IP address is not successful, you can go online and search for the default IP address for your router, read the router’s user manual, or press Windows Key + R simultaneously to open the Run window.

Enter the cmd command and hit OK to open Command Prompt.

Type ipconfig, then press Enter to display the IP address of the user’s device. It is often associated with the Default Gateway and often starts. On Macs, you will find the IP in the command prompt after typing the phrase netstat -nr | grep default.

3- Enter the router settings

Enter the default username (UserAdmin, admin, or administrator) and the default password (admin) in the welcome window that appears.

4- Wireless network settings

Click on the Wireless Settings option after the successful login.

Settings may vary from router to router, but are largely the same. You will definitely find the network password settings in Wireless Settings.

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5- Encryption Mode

In the Wireless Security Mode tab, choose the WPA2 encryption type.

Determine the type of security in the Wi-Fi network, where three options of encrypted networks appear in the drop-down list within the security option, namely WPA2, WPA, WEP, and in this case WPA2 is chosen as the encrypted network is the most secure among these options.

Change centurylink wifi password
Change centurylink wifi password

6- Password

Enter the Password or Passphrase. Then rewrite it to confirm.

Entering a strong new password that contains symbols and numbers that are difficult to predict by intruders, but the new password must be recorded on a piece of paper for reference in case you forget it.

7- Save settings

Click on Save Settings.

Password change summary

Changing the name of the network as one of the precautionary measures not to use the network by unauthorized persons is recommended, and it is also recommended to make the name public and not related to the owner of the Wi-Fi device (note the default name of the network dlink and it is called the name of the wireless network SSID).

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