Best wireless chargers, wireless chargers weren’t always a great alternative to USB chargers or power banks.

However, the convenience of wireless charging to charge your phone all day makes it great.

A wireless charger by your bed or on your work desk makes this cord-free and a little elegant.

This means there is no more connection and disconnection throughout the day and your phone will remain fully charged on the go.

There are many companies in the market trying hard in the battle of Qi wireless chargers.

Many of these companies, such as Belkin, Anker, Samsung, Mophie, among others, are catalyzed well in terms of attractive designs, cutting-edge power, and the ability to operate an iPhone or other smartphone devices efficiently.

While on the other hand, some of the competing firms are only there to compete on price.

But through this topic, we will present to you the best of these chargers that you can buy.

fastest wireless charger

Here we have compiled the best wireless chargers and wireless charging pads compatible with Qi-enabled devices such as iPhone XR and iPhone XS or Samsung’s Galaxy series including the Galaxy S10 phones.

best wireless charger for samsung

Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Stand Charger

best wireless charger for samsung

The Samsung Wireless Charger Stand doesn’t look much stylish in front of flat charging pads, but it is again one of the best wireless chargers out there in its range.

The Samsung Wireless Charger is a good deal at $ 40 because it supports both 7.5W charging for iPhones and 10W charging speeds for Samsung devices.

It comes with a powerful micro USB adapter that keeps it working.

It is also equipped with a small fan inside the holder that keeps the charging coils cool.

45 degree angle is suitable for activating Face ID for random use on anti-drop mount.

This wireless charger is easy to carry and move from place to place without any problems.

best wireless charger for iphone

Anker PowerWave 7.5 Stand Charger

Anker is known as the market leader in the power bank and smartphone accessories industry.

Anker PowerWave 7.5 Stand is one of the best wireless chargers that Anker has designed so far.

This device may support 7.5W to 10W fast charging.

Anker PowerWave is compatible with latest iPhone and Samsung models and other Qi-enabled devices.

When unpacking, you must find a MicroUSB cable, Anker PowerWave 7.5 Stand Pad, and a Quick Charge 3.0 power adapter to power the charger pad, or you can use it as a standalone charger by itself.

This wireless charger is roughly $ 50.

best wireless phone charger

Fuse Chicken Charge

The Fuse Chicken Universal All-in-One World Wireless Travel Charger is a combination of a wireless charger, battery pack and travel adapter making it an ideal choice for those traveling by plane.

Fuse Chicken gives you a variety of options for wirelessly charging your smartphone.

If you use it as a wireless charger, it amplifies at 10W power instead, you can use it as a 6700mAh power bank.

It also has a small LED battery indicator to display the remaining battery level in the power bank. It is designed with a 2.4A USB Type-C port, a USB-A port and a USB-C laptop charger so that you can charge smartphones, laptops, tablets or headphones at the same time

. This charger is valued at US $ 85.

google pixel stand

Google Pixel Stand Charger

Google Pixel Stand is compatible with all Qi-enabled smartphones with impressive capabilities.It is on our list of best wireless chargers for Android and iPhone.

It’s included with USB Type-A, USB Type-C, cable charging with up to 10W wireless charging and 18W USB power charging.

Its sleek white finish is made of polycarbonate with a soft silicone base to keep the grip intact. Both coils allow you to charge in portrait and landscape mode.

A tiny microprocessor inside the wireless charging pad identifies the Google Pixel phone and places it in “Do Not Disturb” mode or acts as a frame for digital photos when placed on the stand.

The price of this charger is $ 72.

RAVPower Charger

The RAVPower is one of the best wireless chargers you can rely on.

It is a Qi wireless charger which means that it is compatible with most of the Qi-enabled devices such as iPhone X, 8, 8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S10, S9, S8, S7, Note 8 series and above.

The appearance is so attractive that it looks like a spaceship launcher, elegant and fashionable.

But honestly, we don’t agree that this is the fastest wireless charger available on the market.

This wireless charger charges smartphones at 7.5W while on the other hand there are some serious wireless chargers that go up to 15W and up to 3.5W.

The market value of this device is 30 USD.

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