Google Password Manager, Google Password Manager, is a Google password manager for websites that is integrated into the Google Chrome web browser.

You can use it to securely store all the different passwords that you use online.

How does a Google password manager work?

When you visit a site with a stored password, Google Password Manager will automatically fill in the password details. This way, you don’t need to track and remember all the different passwords that you use online.

Additionally, your passwords will be synced across all devices you use Chrome on.

A password manager can create unique and secure passwords for every website you visit, as well as check if any of the passwords you use online have been compromised.

Google Password Manager
Google Password Manager

How to save passwords in Google Password Manager?

Every time you create a new account on a website, a window will pop up, where Chrome will ask you if you want to save your username and password.

Clicking Save will store this information for future use. You can save multiple sets of username and password for each website.

Upon returning to the website in the future, the password form will be filled in automatically.

If you have saved multiple passwords for the page, you can select the username and password you want to use from the dropdown list that appears.

 How to sync passwords across devices using a Google password?

When you turn on sync in Chrome, your passwords are securely stored in your Google account. All Chrome browsers with sync enabled will use these shared passwords automatically. This is useful in case you use Chrome on multiple devices and want to access your accounts everywhere.

However, do not enable sync on public computers, such as those shared in libraries and web cafes.

How do I sync on Windows devices?

You can enable sync by clicking Settings, choosing Sync, clicking on Google services, and selecting On.

Below this you’ll find the option to manage what you sync, where you can choose whether to sync other details, such as bookmarks, apps, extensions, history, settings, themes, addresses, and payment methods.

 How to manage passwords stored in Google Password Manager?

If you have password sync enabled, you can manage passwords stored in Google’s password manager by accessing

From here, you can search through stored passwords, add, modify or remove passwords, and export a copy of all your passwords in text file format.

This can also be done within the Chrome browser itself. To find this list in Chrome for Windows, tap your profile picture (you’ll find it on the top on the right) and then the Passwords button.

For Chrome on Android, iPhone, and iOS, you will find this menu by clicking on More, choosing Settings, and clicking Passwords.

 is easy to use and integrated in all Chrome browsers, stores your passwords securely.

It’s a good option if you only use Chrome for browsing, but if you use other web browsers,

like Firefox and Edge, you may prefer using a dedicated password manager, like Dashlane or LastPass.

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