how to open apple id

Learn how to open icloud email Certainly, opening an iCloud account is a great feature to solve the problem of small memory space on phones and personal computers.

And it gave users the opportunity to save any number of personal files and data on giant computers on the Internet, using what is called the cloud, without the need to save them on the person’s own device.

Open an iCloud account

The user can also access all his saved data from any device he wants via the e-mail registered on the iCloud system, free of charge for the limited memory, and it can be increased by paying some fees, and in this regard we will explain how to open an iCloud account on different systems.

The steps for opening an iCloud account on the browser are as follows:

  • Open the iCloud link, which is
  • Click on “Create Apple ID”.
  • The registration form will appear with the data required to complete the account creation, to be filled in with an email and a password; And answer some other questions.
  • After that, a code is sent to the previously registered e-mail called (verification code). This code is written in the required field.
  • Finally, click on the word I agree to the terms and conditions of iCloud.

create icloud email on iphone

  • First of all, we start with the steps to create an Apple Id account to get the iCloud service.
  • Enter the iPhone phone settings and tap (Settings), and at the top we find the option to sign in (Sign in to your iPhone), press it.
  • Clicking on the word I do not have an account or forgot the account (? Don’t have an Apple ID or forgot it), you will see the option to create a new Id account (Create Apple ID).
  • The page that appears must be filled with a set of data that includes both the birth date, first name and first and last name.
  • Choose the country and then put an email address, which is either a new mail or use the current email address, and then write the password, and the password is returned again to confirm.
  • Complete the form data, as per his choice, with new, non-duplicate information, click on the Next icon to follow the steps for creating an account.
  • Pass the security question step and answer one of the questions asked, then choose two other questions and answer them, and click on the icon to agree to the terms and conditions.
  • Clicking on the word Merge. You can sync user data, or not sync it to the iCloud by clicking on the word Don’t Merge.

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