how to increase resolution of image without photoshop

The question always remains in our minds, do we need to learn Photoshop to improve our image quality ?!

We always think and think about this matter, and the answer to this question includes two parts: As for the first part, if you want to improve the quality of the image with some kind of extreme professionalism such as restoration of cropped images and other difficult matters, then we say that this situation of course is necessary to improve it, Photoshop, and as for

The second part, if you want to make adjustments, improvements and normal effects in your image, here we tell you you can easily!

The market for smart applications on the Google Play Store, as well as the Apple App Store, did not leave the opportunity to provide hundreds of applications whose main task is to modify and improve images as well.

The same is the case with regard to image enhancement and editing sites on the Internet, but the matter extended to the fact that you can improve the quality of photos in Photoshop online, as Photoshop has also become available online !,

Therefore, in this article, we will provide you with a wonderful bouquet of the best Android and iPhone applications for improving and modifying the quality of images, and we will also offer you a wonderful bouquet of online photo editing sites, through these sites you can improve the image online.

increase resolution of image online

Letsenhance site

improve image quality

This site is considered one of the distinguished websites that work to provide an online image quality improvement service, by increasing its accuracy as much as possible while preserving its quality and size, and to use this site you only have to enter the site through the following link: Here.

  • Then you must register with the site in order for you to use the site, and the site allows you to register through Gmail or Facebook.
  • The site provides you with the ability to improve the quality of 5 images for free per day, and the site also offers a variety of paid packages that feature an increase in the number of images available to improve daily.

Deep-image website

As for this site, it has its own way and its magic touch to improve the quality of images, through three main properties: As for the first feature, it is related to deleting layers on the frames on the image, and as for the second feature, it is removing any noise from the image so that it becomes clearer and clearer.

As for the third feature, it is to increase the number of pixels of the image until it becomes very high quality when printed!

  • Open the site through the following link: Here.
  • You must register on the site and then confirm your account on the site through a mail message.
  • After that, you can directly upload the image that you want to improve to easily start the optimization process. website

improve image quality

This site offers another color of image enhancement, which is improving image quality by improving color quality, as we find many shots that lack color quality, and through this wonderful site we can improve this part with ease.

  • Enter the site through the following link: Here.
  • You only have to attach the image to be optimized to start the optimization process and make the image color clear!
  • You can also import pictures from Facebook or other links as you like.
  • The site also offers many other services, such as the ability to edit and write on the image, and the site also offers the ability to convert regular images into cartoon images.

photo enhancer for pc

Despite the great features offered by photo editing sites, the presence of a program on your device may be the most comprehensive and strongest thing!

The powerful tool that makes image optimization so professional!

Below, we will learn more in detail about the features and characteristics of this program, as well as how to use it.

  • This program allows you to modify your image very freely, such as reducing and enlarging the image, as well as controlling its size.
  • The program also provides you with a distinct package of the most powerful effect tools so that you can easily improve the quality of the image.
  • You can, through the program, change the image format.
  • This program is considered a free program, but it provides additional features with paid subscriptions.
  • You can download the program through the following link: Here.

Best free photo editing app for iPhone

In spite of the accuracy of the camera of the iPhone devices, the programs to improve the quality of the images of the iPhone have made a great leap in the world of photo editing on the iPhone devices, with the great development of the field of smart applications every day, the user of the iPhone device has the ability to professionally modify and improve images, as is the case in Android applications to modify

The pictures, below we will get to know more in detail some of the applications for editing photos for iPhone.

Lightleap by Lightricks application

Not only is this wonderful application improving the quality of images, but this application is considered one of the most comprehensive iPhone applications in terms of editing photos and showing their effects.

Where the application allows you to improve the quality of the image by improving the colors and clarity, as well as removing any impurities that may mar the image, all of which of course makes the image better.

This application also features that you can remove objects from the background, as well as superbly control the colors of the image and explain the visual effects on it. You can download the program from the Apple Store from the following link: Here.

Snapseed app

This application is considered as a mobile Photoshop in the phone, as this wonderful application contains a wide range of editing and improvement tools, including the following:

  • With this program, you can merge images as well as rotate them.
  • You can also add text to the image.
  • You can also use more than 29 different filters from this app.
  • You can easily control the background of the image and adjustments.
  • The program allows you to add your creative touches by providing a distinct bouquet of the best effects on images, such as highlighting surface structures, for example, as well as removing visual noise and noise from images.
  • You can download the program from the Apple Store from the following link: Here.

App to improve picture quality Android

PicsArt Photo Editor app

Who among us has not heard of this program before?!, PicsArt has become very popular during the last period, due to its wonderful tools through which it can work many different effects as well as improving the quality of the image, and this has achieved a wide spread among users smart phones.

  • This program provides you with a wonderful set of the most powerful tools to enhance and modify your image.
  • You can also, through the program, add various effects to your image.
  • You can also create stickers and add them to your photos.
  • You can professionally mount the different images on each other.
  • The program also supports many tools for cosmetics only, including a tool for facial details, a tool for fixing image defects, a tool for Skin Tone, a tool for Hair Color, Eye Color, Teeth Whiten, and other tools. It also includes an automatic beautify tool as well.
  • You can download the program through the Google Play Store from the following link: Here.

Pixlr app for Android to improve image quality

This application is considered one of the free applications developed by Autodesk International, this application has a large package of the most important and latest tools for improvement and modification, so you can manipulate the image quality in any way you want through color and enhancement effects, as well as through optical noise removal tools found in many Images making it more clear.

  • The program gives you more than a great feature, which is the ability to add layers to images, which means that you can merge photos and create very impressive effects.
  • The application also allows you to professionally create a photo album.
  • To download this application through the Google Play Store, just go to the following link: Here.

We have offered you through this topic a variety of the best programs, applications and websites for improving the quality of the image as well as modifying it, and we have provided you with different methods so that you can easily improve and modify your own photos in any way that suits you.

Try it yourself and don’t forget to share your experience with us through the comments.

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