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Group games are always the most exciting and interesting as well, as these types of games add a spirit of competition between friends in particular and players in general, and to make sure that the spirit of excitement and excitement exists in every player who loves this type of games I will present to you in this article 3 main types of games

A collective computer network, I will tell you my experience with the three types so that you can choose from among them or maybe you will choose all of them

group games to play

Below, we will learn more in detail about the story of each of the three games and what are the distinct points of each game

stronghold games

Stronghold is one of the most famous strategy games that has gained wide fame over the last 10 years, where it is loved by young and old. Fans of that game still play it to this day and enjoy playing it a lot, and in the following I will introduce you to that game and its story briefly.

Get acquainted with the Stronghold game closely

This game goes back to the era of the Crusaders, where the game begins that you are King Richard owns a kingdom that wages many wars, where each battle is a battle.

And it requires you to build your own state and your own economy as well, and this economy is represented in building stone factories as well as iron factories as well as news factories and nurseries to grow many crops such as wheat and apples.

After that, you must begin to equip the armies in order to be able to overcome your enemies, and after you get rid of your enemy

You start again in a new land against one or more enemies, and there may be allies for you, and you begin to face the challenges of the battle in terms of preparing your defenses to repel enemy attacks or equipping armies and raising the Kingdom’s economy

Learn about armies and weapons

This game is characterized by many individuals fighting with various tools, so we find those who fight with swords and those who fight with spears riding horses, as well as there are many mechanical machines that contribute to the demolition of the high walls of the enemy kingdoms

Features of Stronghold game

You can fight battles alone

You can also play with your friends, as this is one of the best teamwork games for the computer

The game has many challenges, which make you feel never bored playing it

You can design your own map and challenge with any number of allies as well as any number of enemies you want, but with a maximum of 8 enemies who are the kings in the game

You can play this game with your friends through some online network programs, or by connecting a network between you and your friends via the connection cable

Download game Stronghold

You can download Stronghold game through the following link: Here

Generals Zero Hour game

command and conquer generals zero hour

And here we move to a new era of the right of time, we were in the previous game talking about a simulation of the period of the Crusaders and their armies and their kings, and in that game we move to the modern era where aircraft, tanks and nuclear weapons

Generals Zero Hour is one of the most famous strategy games of the modern era, it has gained wide fame throughout the past years, and has also achieved great success that is no less than the success of the Strong Hold game, and below we will learn more in detail about what the game is and what is going on

Get to know Generals Zero Hour up close

The game is considered a vast land for wars between the great countries in the world, as this game includes many countries such as the country of America as well as the country of China, Iraq and others from other countries.

What distinguishes one country from another is, of course, the scientific capabilities, military capabilities, types of weapons, as well as the types of nuclear weapons, defensive and air weapons.

When you choose the country of America, for example, you will find that it uses laser guns, while the country finds China excel in manufacturing powerful tanks.

In the same context, you find the strength of the US air force alongside the weakness of the Chinese air force, and thus you find many differences between countries on the military side

nuclear weapons

As for nuclear weapons, they vary greatly in each country. We find that the state of China, for example, uses a single destructive nuclear missile, while America uses a nuclear weapon in the form of a laser that burns everything offset, and Iraq uses chemical nuclear warheads.

On the economic side, the economic growth in that game depends mainly on the goods, but each country differs in the way the goods are transported, for example we find that the US state transports goods through airplanes, on the contrary, we find the state of China transporting goods through cars.

The State of Iraq, we find that it is transporting the goods through the workers

Features of Generals Zero Hour game

  • This game is considered modern to the utmost degree as it includes all countries weapons with great accuracy
  • You can play this game with your friends via an internal network or online
  • The game contains challenges and missions that you can fight
  • You can design the map you want with a maximum of 7 enemies or allies
  • The game contains many armies that you can choose from

download generals zero hour

You can download Generals Zero Hour game directly through the following link: Here

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