Free games on steam, in this guide, we have compiled an exciting list of the best free games available on Steam in 2021. These days we are seeing more and more free PC games to play, and that is no longer a bad thing.

Whether you are on a tight budget, are bored and can’t leave the house or are just looking for something new, try some of these fun games.

 Old classics like CS: GO continue to maintain their popularity, but we’re seeing loads of new and fun Steam games for free.

Free games in steam Yes, you can get loads of excellent PC game titles from several resources, but Valve’s long-standing PC platform is the best place to look in my opinion.

Free games in steam

1- Destiny 2

 Destiny 2 is perhaps the best free PC game overall, as it’s partially available for free on Steam.

The hugely popular Bungie shooter remains one of my all-time favorites, and in October, a free version appeared for PC Players.

Free games in steam Obviously, a large part of Destiny 2 is still behind the firewall and expansions, but the original download will save hundreds of hours of fun, exciting and exhilarating fireworks. Shoot the aliens and anything else that moves.

2- Cry of Fear

 You’re still a big fan of the original Half-Life, and you likely are. Based on Valve’s original HL game engine, yet completely redesigned, Cry of Fear is a scary game that will get you on the edge of your seat.

It’s a slow, scary, and terrifying game that’ll make you feel like you’re in a world or a completely different setting from Half-Life, but it’s still familiar. Anyone who enjoys a good horror game will love this totally free shooter game.

3- Team Fortress 2

 This list of the best free Steam games wouldn’t be complete without Fort Forters 2. The obnoxious classic shooter from Valve. Take things as seriously as you want, or get silly and run around polished maps with whatever class and personality suits your mood.

This game is very old, but you can easily spend hours and hours enjoying all that it has to offer. If you’ve never somehow played Team Fortress 2, but found yourself stuck at home for some reason, do yourself a favor and give it a try.

4- Fractured Space

 If you like to play an exciting MOBA (Online Multiplayer Battleground) but are not into mantra, wizards, and the usual fighting, feel free to check out Fractured Space.

This game takes a fairly traditional MOBA style but pumps it into a naval fleet stuck in space. You will participate in massive 5v5 battles as you try to completely destroy the fleet base and its legends.

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Best free games in steam

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