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remove watermark from photo Watermark is a traditional method used to protect intellectual and property rights, whereby content creators put that watermark on images, videos or pdf files.

But what if you have a photo with your own or other watermark and want to reuse it again ?!

There are many different programs specialized in editing and editing images, as well as many online editing services without programsand in this article we will get to know more than one website to remove watermark from pictures online

All you have to do is follow this explanation to be able to easily remove the watermark without programs

remove watermark from photo

remove watermark from image online

Theinpaint: The Best Online Watermark Removal Site

Theinpaint is one of the giant sites on the Internet that offers an impressive array of the best photo editing tools and improve image quality

In this paragraph, we will use one of those tools provided by Theinpaint platform, which is a tool to remove the watermark without programs, so you only have to follow the following explanation:

  • The first steps that you must follow in order to be able to use this service is to enter the site through the following link: Theinpaint
  • Upload the image from which you want to remove the watermark as shown in the following image, and also do not forget the instructions above the Image Upload button in which the site states that the maximum size that can be uploaded is only 10 MB per image and that the maximum number of pixels that can be uploaded is 4.2 megapixels

how to remove watermark

  • Now, in order to remove any watermark, you must select the red mark on the side of the screen, as shown in the following image:
  • Now, select the red watermark accurately and then press the green button as shown in the following image:
  • Remove watermark from photos
  • You can then download the image as it is now ready to use without a watermark

remove watermark from photo online

The second site to remove the watermark from photos is online

As for the second site that provides a service to remove the watermark from pictures without programs, it is the apowersoft site, which of course is not just a site to remove the watermark only, but it is an integrated platform that includes many services related to photo editing and video editing also without programs, and the site also offers many.

Among the other distinguished services such as the ability to record the screen as well as making images in GIF format, and other services, and below we will review with you an explanation of the feature to remove WATERMARK from the image with the click of a button.

You must first go to the platform via the following link: apowersoft

Choose the word Remove Watermark from Image, which is the service for removing watermark from any image

The site will start uploading the image, and then after the uploading process is completed, the image will appear and above it a small box, move it to the watermark area and mark it in this box to start the removal process immediately

You can now download the image in the new format

This site lags behind the previous site in two main things.

  • As for the first thing, it is the technology used in the removal process, as we find that each site follows a specific method in the removal process.
  • As for the second thing, it is what distinguishes the second site from the first site, which is to allow this site to remove the watermark in the video clips, so you can easily remove the watermark in the video by clicking on the word Remove Watermark from Video

We have shown you in this article more than one website to remove watermark from pictures online, so that you can easily remove any watermark present in your photos, so do not forget to share your own experience with us through comments

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