Download Champion OF Fields 2021 for Android, Champion of the Fields (popularly known as Cof) is one of the most popular soccer games, which rivals the most popular leading games in this field like FIFA or PES.

The game was released by the Chinese company “NetEase”, to achieve wide success in the field of soccer games. The game is great in terms of graphics and ease of control in the game completely, and it is similar in the way of playing other leading games in this field.

Description of the game 2021 Champion of the Fields (Cof)

A wonderful game developed by the famous Chinese company NetEase, which has previous experiences in designing many interesting Android and iPhone games; Be it sports, war, stunt car racing, and other games that she developed, earning the admiration of players from all over the world.

Champion Of The Fields has attracted millions of players to form their professional team and play in world tournaments.

The game has the official “FIF Pro” licenses. The game offers high-quality graphics, great graphics, and new and different playing styles, enabling football fans to experience a different and fun experience.

Download Champion OF Fields 2021 for Android
Download Champion OF Fields 2021 for Android

Champion of the Fields

The game features a simple and fun gameplay. Just create your own team of your favorite world stars and train them on a global level. The game includes thousands of real professional players from 63 countries, whose images have been placed inside the game in a comic style to create a unique competitive sports atmosphere simulating reality. Create and train your own team, then go play and win tournaments.

 Download Champion OF Fields 2021 for Android

The main interface of the game contains a virtual board on the right side, where you can

use the board to move each player in the match. On the left side of the screen there are four

buttons to control movement such as running, aiming, passing, or changing direction.

You can fully control the game with a standard joystick and a set of buttons on the right and

left side of the play screen to control the movement and skills of players, where players can speed up,

run and pass the ball to score goals with skill.

Game features for Android phones

  • The game comes with high-quality graphics and is very realistic, represented by the game graphics from the playing field and the players.
  • You can play for real-time local and international tournaments to win cups and money, just like in real matches.
  • In-game sounds of fans and fans make the game more exciting and realistic.
  • The game is of the type of online games, so you must have a constant connection to the Internet throughout the periods of play and competition with the rest of the players.
  • The game provides an “offline” mode of play in front of artificial intelligence to enable you to explore more players, and improve the capabilities of the players on your team.

 COF 2021 game updates

The developer added many updates, which gave players a large number of playing features,

in order to give them the opportunity to have more fun with flexible, fast and accurate passes

of the ball, which makes playing more easy.

This is in addition to the introduction of the ability to play with friends inside dedicated rooms.

The game also gave its users more freedom to manage their teams and define their own uniforms.

The feature of controlling the indoor cameras to play to increase or decrease the distance comes

as one of the best in-game updates.

Download Champion OF Fields 2021 for Android

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