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Set a video as iPhone wallpaper, when it comes to customization, nothing seems to beat Android.

On Android, you can use custom icon packs, icons and themes and set a video as your wallpaper. However, when it comes to the iPhone, the options are limited to just two which are widgets and the live wallpaper

. You might have seen your friend holding an Android device and using an animated video wallpaper. Now, the video wallpaper is unique, and you cannot get it on iOS due to some limitations.

If you want to set the video as wallpaper on iPhone, then you need convert your video into GIF live image. And then set it as wallpaper, and this is what we will learn about together through this article

How to make video into Live Photo

In general, we will rely on two applications that perform almost the same function, and they are the two options available up to this point to set a video as wallpaper for the iPhone screen.

All these two applications do is convert the video into an animated picture and then there will be the ability to set it as a wallpaper

Method 1: VideoToLive Application

Well, VideoToLive is an excellent iOS app that lets you turn any video into a Live Photo or a Live Photo.

The problem, however, is that the free version of VideoToLive only allows you to output a 5-second clip.

Besides converting your videos to a Live Photo, it offers some other editing features like flipping, rotating, cropping and more.

Here’s how to use the VideoToLive app on iOS

First of all, head over to the iOS App Store and install the VideoToLive app. Or, go to the link below to access the application download page

Once installed, open the application and download the video that you want to convert into a Live Photo. After that, hit the Continue button

Now you can trim the video clip according to your need. Also, you can make use of other video editing tools like rotate, flip video, and more. Once you are done with the editing items, click on the Convert Now button

Now, click on the Share button located in the lower left corner of the app. From the list of options that popped up, click Use as Wallpaper

Here, all you have to do is select whether you want this live wallpaper to be for the lock screen, the home screen, or both. Once selected, the video will be set as your iPhone wallpaper directly

The second method: applying intoLive

toLive is another popular iOS app. Used to convert video clips into live photos. Compared to the previous app, inLive is even easier to use

It also provides you with a lot of editing options after converting the video such as changing the background, adjusting playback speed, rotating the video, and more.

Here’s how to use intoLive to set video wallpaper on iPhone

Initially, head over to the iOS App Store and install the intoLive app. Or you can also access the link below directly to the application download page

Select the video you want to set as wallpaper. Now you need to make some adjustments to the clips, as you can change the filter, playback speed, volume, and more. Once done, press the Make button

Here from the popup menu for you, the app provides duplicate options, but be aware that the free version has no duplicates. In the paid version, the duplicate of this video is available. Once done and selected, click on the Save Live Photo option

As the previous application, click on the Share option at the bottom left of the screen. Then select the Use as Wallpaper option

On the next page, click on Set and choose one of the three options you want as per your choice, either for the lock screen, the home screen, or both.

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