New Apple TV 2021

According to a new report from Bloomberg, Apple is developing a new product that combines the Apple TV with the HomePod smart speaker, and includes a video conferencing camera through a connected TV and other smart home functions

Apple is lagging behind in the smart home space, but the new, versatile product currently in development could change that, as it should be equipped with the hardware needed to perform a variety of roles.

Other capabilities of the product include standard Apple TV functions, such as: watching videos and games, in addition to the uses of smart speakers, such as: playing music and using Apple’s digital Siri assistant.

If launched, this product represents Apple’s most ambitious smart home offering to date

The Cupertino, California-based tech giant is also considering launching an advanced touch-screen speaker to better compete with market leaders Google and Amazon.

Apple TV

Such a device combines an iPad with a HomePod speaker and also includes a video-chatting camera

And Apple explored connecting an iPad to a loudspeaker using a robotic arm that could move to follow the user around the room, similar to the latest Echo Show from Amazon.

Development of both Apple products is still in its infancy, and the company can decide not to launch either of them or change the key features

The new products may help revive Apple’s fortunes in the smart home category, as it captured 2 percent of the broadcast TV market in 2020, while it owned less than 10 percent of the smart speaker market.

In March, Apple discontinued production of the high-end HomePod, while the Apple TV has not been updated for more than three years

And last year, the company launched the HomePod mini, which was better off given its lower price

Apple merged both the HomePod and Apple TV groups of engineers in 2020, standardizing the core software working across both devices, and that was an early hint that it might merge hardware lines.

The built-in speaker and Apple TV are not a category of products that Google and Amazon have taken seriously yet, even though Facebook sells the Portal video chat device that uses a TV as a display.

Amazon sells the Fire TV Cube with a small speaker, and Amazon tops the smart display category, a term given to smart screen speakers.

Amazon released smart speakers with screens for the first time in 2017 with the launch of Echo Show

Google offers 7 and 10 inch versions of the Nest Hub, which pairs the Google Assistant with a speaker and screen

Amazon is also working on a new speaker with a user-wall screen that could function as a smart home hub

And Bloomberg reported in March that Apple was exploring new smart speakers with screens and cameras

Apple’s HomeKit program, which allows third-party devices to be controlled with iPhones, iPads and HomePods via the O / Siri app, supports fewer products than competing systems from Amazon and Google.

Apple’s new hardware won’t change that on its own, but it could give Apple and potential partners new reasons to invest in Apple’s larger smart home ecosystem.

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