Create a strong password

Important Tips When Setting Passwords As important as your hygiene is, the cleanliness of your password is also important.

But to remember passwords or while using passwords, many of us fall into the trap of using passwords the wrong way.

In this article, we’ll include some of the frequently used bad password habits that you need to get rid of as soon as possible.

Before putting your online identity in serious danger. As many passwords are at risk due to these bad habits spread among users.

If you are interested in learning the best tips when setting passwords for your various accounts, then follow this topic to the end.

what makes a strong password

Here, in the next lines, we will learn about some of the most correct bad habits most users follow when setting passwords for any of the accounts that need this. Focus on these habits, dear follower, and try to avoid them and follow the advice in each of them.

characteristics of a strong password

We understand that remembering different passwords for every website or account you visit can be difficult

But the fact of the matter is that if you use one password everywhere, it will require a hacker or hacker to leak a website data

This contributes to accessing other accounts on other sites and accounts with the same password

It has been observed that almost 50% of internet users still use the same password to log into websites and accounts

Needless to say, if one of your online accounts is hacked, your other accounts cannot be avoided by several security and privacy violations and breaches of that account.

do not share your password with anyone

It doesn’t matter who you trust most whether it’s your best friend, your most trusted colleague, your family member, or anyone else, sharing passwords with them is a no-no!

We are not saying that the person you trusted to reveal your password will intentionally reveal it to the world.

But he may not use it with the same care that you do.

Suppose they might enter your password to log into an account on a public Wi-Fi network and then forget to log out.

Or, they may accidentally disclose it to someone spontaneously.

Do not trust anyone and provide them with your password, and if this happens, it is preferable that you change the password immediately.

Remember me is not the correct way to remember passwords

It is very convenient to select the “Remember me” option and save yourself the ordeal of remembering passwords.

You’ll likely find this option on all major email accounts, social media platforms, and all major websites that require you to log in frequently.

Where can this option be dangerous?

Suppose you are not the only one using your computer.

Other users have direct access to your computer.

They will easily be able to access your account using this option.

When should you change your password Brainly

You created strong passwords for all of your accounts at once, but shouldn’t you change them every now and then?

Many of us have a habit of not changing passwords across industries and for many accounts.

Whether it is the passwords for our social media accounts, online banking accounts, email accounts, or any other platform, we hardly bother changing them.

It is highly recommended that you change your passwords across all of your accounts every two to three months.

This is to avoid that this password is in the hands of one of the users and who is controlling your account without your knowledge.

Password strength

Again, it’s quite understandable that remembering long passwords is no easy task.

However, until your password is not complicated enough, your accounts are vulnerable to hacking.

This is why security experts suggest creating a password with a specified number of character lengths (say 14 characters) or mixing it with several characters.

One of the reasons we’re telling you to do this is because the more complex your password, the more difficult it will be for even password hacking software to crack your password.

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