Download PUBG: NEW State for Android, PUBG: NEW STATE game is a new world, new opportunities, 100 people, and only one winner. Discover a new world of Battle Royale, travel back to the year 2051, and face players from all over the world! The 100 survivors will find themselves in a closed area, where they will fight each other using their own tactics and weapons.

Download PUBG: NEW State apk

PUBG: NEW STATE – PUBG Edition is another PUBG version name from Tencent Games of Singapore. Which, like the other versions, is developed for free.

About PUBG: NEW State apk

Apk five prepared, reviewed, and released this game for free download once released on Google Play. It is presented for the first time among all Arab sites. After the original PUBG and PUBG Lite, Tencent Games Studio. He also released another version of the same game for Android. This version is called PUBG: NEW STATE.

PUBG new state In addition to enemy players, you will gradually attack the Blue Zone, which can be killed within minutes to get more exciting.

Take advantage of all the advantages on the map: vehicles, buildings, air freight, and get good equipment. You can play alone or as a team, and the main goal of the game is to survive, and the winner will be the one who can do it and stay as long as possible.

Download PUBG: NEW State for Android
Download PUBG: NEW State for Android

PUBG: NEW STATE will delight players with a wide variety of weapons and the possibility to customize them, a new type of transportation, and gadgets.

The huge 8 x 8 card will allow freedom of movement for any player and offer a lot of variety. Adapt to new conditions and win the battle royale!

The game includes great design, exciting sound, and addictive gameplay that will keep you missing the beautiful and exciting gameplay for hours.

Download PUBG: NEW State for Android

After downloading the game PUBG: NEW STATE apk for Android with a direct link, you will discover that it is actually PUBG one of the best games on the console, which has also been redesigned for Android and iOS operating systems, and fans can try this game on their phones.

The game has very high and great graphics and surfing the internet in the game environment can be very attractive for you.

In PUBG New State, new sections, chapters, and features will be introduced and published that need review. If you have already tried PUBG Mobile.

With your first PUBG: NEW State confrontation, you will notice interesting changes and many changes. These changes include different elements in different parts of the game.

Perhaps a new and professional mode has been added to compete with the impressive Call of Duty: Mobile update, a section called Arcade Mode – War. This fashion is a new and separate part. Unlike all Battle Royale games, it has a team and team personality.

Download PUBG: NEW State for Android
Download PUBG: NEW State for Android

PUBG: NEW State apk game for Android

Another noticeable change to the PUBG New State download game is the addition of weapons. New items, new maps, and new locations. However, it cannot be said that PUBG: NEW STATE, is a completely different, independent game.

Because the gameplay, graphics, and design language of the game are the same as the original version. In this game, you have to be with dozens of other players. Play online and try to survive. Your task will not be easy and many challenges await you in this game to find resources and protect yourself.

Part of these challenges is chasing and killing enemies and trying to escape from difficult situations. BETA PUBG MOBILE for its high graphics and console-like designs. Just like the original version, it is one of the most popular mobile games in history.

PUBG new country game

Now that most players, on the original PUBG Mobile, get bored, because the game has been around for more than 3 years, and not all of the new additions to the game are exciting anymore.

PUBG Mobile has created a new PUBG game called “Pubg new state” in order to maintain its popularity and increase the excitement of all PUBG fans. This second version, which is called the New State, takes place in the future, exactly. 2051, that’s why you’ll see, a bunch of newer things in the game, the original PUBG game.

PUBG: NEW STATE apk download features for Android

1- Realistic photography

Among the new features that have been added, in the new game of Peggy in a new style, the legendary shooting, and closer to reality, where it became possible, we can see windows broken very realistically.

2- Realistic graphics

One of the things that impressed everyone, or me personally, when watching the teaser video of the new PUBG status were the terrible graphics, and the tremendous graphics, which far outperformed other traditional games, including the original PUBG game.

3- A new battlefield

Since the events of the new PUBG game with a new style are taking place in the near future,

which is the year 2051, you will see a set of new things on the battlefield, including smart devices,

and this is what makes them different from the previous one, where players must change their playing

styles, formulate new tactics and win Battle and survive.

Download PUBG: NEW State for Android

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