Download game Lost Light apk for iPhone, Lost Light is a 3D ARPG where you have to join Team Firefly Vanguard, one of the last survivors of humanity inside the confined area.

Your goal is, above all, to survive in this hostile environment. To do this, you can take risks alone or interact with other players, forming all sorts of combinations.

Lost Light

At first glance, Lost Light might only look like another launcher from a third-person perspective. But it is actually a lot more complicated. To start, the settings are huge and you can explore them completely freely, whether with the legs or the different vehicles.

Plus, one of the most important aspects of the game is the shelter. With the resources you get while playing, you will be able to build and improve your own home depending on where you can rest and recover all your treasures.

Download game Lost Light apk for iPhone
Download game Lost Light apk for iPhone

Download game Lost Light apk for iPhone

The other thing that makes Lost Light stand out from similar games is the interaction with other players. Although you can attack anyone you see on the screen, you can also choose to team up with them.

You can even save the lives of wounded players, create a temporary alliance, complete an especially difficult goal, and then bid them farewell. The concept of Friends and Enemies is seamless in a confined area.

Lost Light is another promising version of Netease that is similar in many ways to the great Disorder but with new gameplay and even a more ambitious goal.

Just like in other multiplayer games, only time and the crowd of persevering players will determine the passing score. That being said, Lost Light has all the necessary elements to become a great achievement.

Download game Lost Light apk for iPhone
Download game Lost Light apk for iPhone

Lost Light apk for iPhone

As a member of the Firefly Squad, you can loot and survive in the dangerous and treacherous lockdown area to uncover the secrets hidden inside. You risk your own search for sustenance and weapons. Or enter the area with a team of other players and see how far you can go.

Explore a variety of powerful weapons that will help you survive in the exclusion zone.

Lost Light apk

Based on real-world weapons, the rifles in Lost Light are rendered as accurately as possible, with a realistic feel and recoil and recoil to ensure maximum immersion.

Each firearm can be customized with up to 12 different components, allowing for fine adjustments to fit your personal play style.

You will encounter other humans while you scavenge the lock area. It is up to you whether you want to welcome them, work with them, avoid them, or raid them for their valuable items and equipment. After that, return to the shelter where you can set up a shop and sell the things you have collected in the area.

Download game Lost Light apk for iPhone

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