how to reset windows 10

Change Windows 10 password through the command prompt. The password in any smart device operating system around the world is the first protection for the device from any unauthorized access.

Among these systems is the Windows 10 operating system, where we can set a computer password to prevent anyone other than us from accessing the content of the device.

As for the ways to change Windows 10 password, it is very many, and among these methods is to use the CMD command prompt.

Through this special topic, we will learn how to do it in a smarter way instead of the well-known traditional method

reset password windows 10

Yes, we do not deny that Windows 10 is one of the most popular and used operating systems in the world when it comes to desktop devices.

Windows 10 offers more features and options than any other desktop operating system.

Also, Windows 10 has a built-in security and privacy feature known as Microsoft Defender

Microsoft Defender is not the only security feature that protects Windows 10;

It also has other security features like password locking, BitLocker encryption option, tamper protection and many more other security features that are credited with protecting the device and the system as a whole.

While installing Windows 10, Microsoft requires users to create a local account.

The local account is password protected, and users can change the password later via the settings page.

If you suspect that someone has your Windows 10 password, it’s safe to change it to a new password that only you will know.

You can go through the user account settings to change your local account password, otherwise you can rely on the Windows 10 command prompt to change your password

It is much faster to change Windows 10 passwords through the command prompt. Even if you are new to using command lines, changing a user’s password via the net user command is simple

windows change password

Just follow the next steps that we will review together in the next lines and apply them in the computer.

Whereas, the method for changing Windows 10 password via CMD is very easy and anyone can apply it with ease.

The following steps will also help you do this even if you do not have experience

Steps to change Windows 10 password via Command Prompt

  • First of all, click on your Windows 10 search bar. Now search for Command Prompt by typing CMD
  • Right-click on the Command Prompt or CMD option and select Run as administrator to give the application space to run as desired.
  • This will open the CMD command prompt on your Windows 10 OS with administrative rights. That is, with higher computer capabilities
  • In the Command Prompt window, type the net user command and hit the Enter button on your keyboard
  • Now you will be able to see all of the user accounts. This includes your user account that you use with your password
  • To change Windows 10 password via CMD, enter the command: net user USERNAME NEWPASS. That is, replace the command USERNAME with your username, and replace the word NEWPASS with the password you want to set

Once you are done entering the previous command, click on the Enter button. With this, you will get a message stating the success of this process. And your Windows 10 password has been changed in an easy and smooth way

Change Windows 10 password

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