What is computer network?

In order to understand the meaning of Computer network, we must comprehend the actual concept of a network. So, basically any group of interconnected things form a network, and the oldest example is the water supply system in ancient Rome. Now, the computer network is a set of computers connected together for the purpose of sharing resources and those resources can be the internet, a printer or a file server. The oldest form of computer network; a couple of computers connected via LAN cable.

Computer network
What is computer network?

How it works

When we use computer network, we throw another tech term which is computing. Computing is nothing but the process of utilizing computer technology to complete a task such as, swiping a debit card, making a call or sending an email. Computing involves the use of computer systems like a pc, ATM machine, a smartphone or any other electronic device.

Computer network use computers for computing and telecommunication technology like telephone lines, wireless radio links for transmitting the processed data over long distances.

3 facts you didn’t know about computer network

  • The internet is the best example of a computer network.
  • 1991 was the year of inventing The World Wide Web and the first computer network was made in the early 1980’s.
  • Computer network can be used savagely by hackers to utilize computer viruses or computer worms on devices connected to the network or to prevent these devices from accessing the network.

What is Computer network security?

Computer network security is a set of measures taken by specific entity to protect data from any unauthorized access from attackers.
There are Different requirements for each approach to computer network security management according to the size of the computer network. For instance, a home office requires only basic computer network security, while large companies require high maintenance to protect the network from malicious hackers.

The access to the data and software on the network are controlled by a network administrator. The administrator assigns the user ID and password to the authorized person.
The three aspects of any network security

Confidentiality indicates to the prevention of a system to disclose information by anyone who is not authorized to access it. In government agencies with highest security, such as the U.S. Department of Defense, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and the IRS, confidentiality ensures that the public cannot have any kind of access to private information. In businesses, confidentiality guarantees that private information, such as payroll and personnel data, is well protected from their competitors.
Integrity means accurate information resources in any organization. In simple words, the security system must prevent data corruption or unauthorized changes to a corporal database.
Availability refers to the ability of authorized users to access computers and networks to use the information they need. It also indicates to a quick recovery in the case of a system failure or disaster. We must say, that availability is the most important aspect for all authorized users. A system without accessibility to users, loses the assessed confidentiality and integrity aspects.

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