William Adams, rapper and member of the Black Eyed Peas band known by his stage name will.i.am, announced:

On His Collaboration with Honeywell to Launch XUPERMASK, a $ 299 Face Mask with Built-in Noise Canceling Earphones

And with face coverings becoming a necessity during the pandemic, countless combinations of masks have emerged from the worlds of fashion, merchandise and technology.

XUPERMASK comes with dual triple-speed fans and HEPA filters, a type of mechanical air filter used in LG’s wearable air purifier.

The mask features bluetooth connectivity, LED daytime running lights to take advantage of the futuristic neon aesthetic, acoustic and microphone noise cancellation capabilities, seven hours of battery life and a magnetic earphone connection system.

The mask also comes with adjustable straps, and it’s designed by will.i.am, Honeywell, and Jose Fernandez, designer of SpaceX suits for Elon Musk.

Will.i.am over the years has added quite a few tech titles to his résumé, investing in Tesla and Beats Electronics, and becoming Director of Innovation at Intel

His company, called + i.am, which focuses on wearables, has acquired quite a few tech products, such as smart home company Wink and machine learning company Sensiya.

His new role as a mask designer comes at a time when some states have begun to lift mandatory mask authorizations amid the emergence of coronavirus vaccines in the United States.

However, experts say: Americans will not put the masks aside any time soon, and will.i.am told the New York Times: SARS has occurred in Japan and Southeast Asia, overcoming it, and they are still wearing masks.

XUPERMASKS comes with a carrying case, three-month HEPA filters, different-sized ear tips and a charging cable.

XUPERMASK has not yet received FDA approval or approval, but is licensed by the FDA for emergency use by the general public and healthcare professionals.


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