Why should I turn off find my iPhone?

Well, you shouldn’t. This article will be your guide to turn off find my iPhone correctly, but you must know that you should never turn off this feature unless it was necessary, because it has many benefits such as, locating your missing (Mac, iPad, Apple Watch, and even your Air Pods), protecting your data when one of your apple devices is stolen, family Sharing to locate devices owned by any member in your family.

In order to avoid a lot of activation issues, fix upgrading problems or restore a device with an iTunes backup, you must turn off find my iPhone feature in your device. In this article we are going to show you the correct ways to turn off find my iPhone feature. You should know that these steps are not the same with ios4 and ios5 and only apply to ios6 and up.

Before you start applying these steps make sure that your iPhone is connected to the internet using cellular data or Wi-Fi connection and you didn’t forget your Apple ID password.

Is it possible to unlock the stolen iPhone
find my iPhone

The first method in 5 easy steps

Let’s get started

Step one:
Tap the settings icon on your home screen, if it’s not on your home screen you can get access from the App library.

Step two:
At the top of the main settings screen you’ll find your name, tap it.

Step three:
Now tap Find my
 and for iOS 12.4 and lower devices, tap iCloud.

Step four:
Tap Find My iPhone switch to turn off.

Step five:
The screen will show you Apple ID password.
Enter your password and tap turn off.
That’s it you’re done, your phone is erased from the map.

How to turn off find my iPhone using a computer?

Now, we’re going to show you a second method to turn off find my iPhone using a desktop or laptop computer and iCloud official website. This method is especially helpful if your device got frozen during the process of upgrading. This way also works for any type of apple devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple watch…):

Step one:

Open your browser and Go to iCloud.com. You need to log in with your Apple ID and password.

Step two:

It will take you to the main iCloud screen. Now look for find my iPhone icon and tap it.

Step three:

A list of all devices that are connected to this iCloud account will appear on top of your screen. Remove your apple device from the list.

Step four:
You will only be able to remove the device from this list only after you make sure to turn it off.

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