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Android 12, news increased day after day about the new Android system, which carries the number 12. As the development phase of this system is still continuing until this moment.

But as we know that each of these systems undergoes several checks to ensure that it is running properly, on a version called the developer version of this developer system.

This is in order to allow developers around the world to introduce their own touches and aid in development. Every time a new Android system is discussed, questions arise about what are the most important features that are expected to come in Android 12?

That is why we were able, in this matter, to list the advantages that will be present in this system in a large percentage. That is why follow this article to the end.

Android 12 release date

It is expected that Android 12 will be issued in this world, specifically in the period between the month of 2 and the month of 8. As there are many devices that will support this system strongly.

But if you are excited to know the features that will come in this new version, follow the next lines.

Android 12 new features

Add text and emojis to screenshots

Android phone screenshots are one of the most important things that in general, no person who owns a phone can not do it.

In order to improve the user experience for screenshots, Google has introduced the ability to add text and emojis to screenshots.

Where previously this command was not available, due to the fact that the main editing tool does not allow this in the system.

As this matter will be similar to the editing tools found in the popular social media applications Instagram, as well as WhatsApp and other other applications.

Take a Scrolling Screenshots

One of the most important features that will be admired by users of the upcoming Android system, Android 12. It is now possible to take a longitudinal screenshot of the phone and the page you are fully browsing.

In the past, it was necessary to install an application from the Google Play Store to do this task.

This is because the system does not support such screenshots, but thanks to the new update, there is no need to install any of these programs in the phone.

In case you want to try this feature, return to this topic.

More symmetrical design and more notification icons

On all previous Android systems, one of the most common problems users encountered was clicking on an icon other than the one they wanted to click.

And that is precisely in the notifications panel on the phone, here Google, with its new Android 12 system, introduced a zoom in icons and the size of notifications on the phone.

So that you are not confused when you want to click on a specific notification from all the notifications you received on the phone.

One-handed control mode (similar to iPhones)

Having a large smartphone screen is great for watching Netflix, but it makes it extremely difficult to reach anything near the top of the screen while holding the phone with one hand.

Google’s one-handed control mode, which was discovered hidden in the Android 12 DP1 development version, is an exact replica of Apple’s accessibility mode on the iPhone.

The feature works by swiping down on the gesture bar at the bottom of the screen.

Instantly, the upper half of the screen moves down.

Swipe up on the gesture bar to extend the screen to its original size.

Send a Wi-Fi password via the Nearby Share feature

Send a Wi-Fi password via the Nearby Share feature

Sharing a Wi-Fi password is now easier than ever.

In addition to creating a custom QR code that others can scan, Android 12 has added a new feature to “Nearby Sharing,” which is Google’s response to Apple’s AirDrop.

Which allows you to send your Wi-Fi password securely.

Privacy toggle buttons for camera and microphone

Privacy is everything, and Google makes it easy for you to ensure that none of your apps accesses your device’s camera or microphone without your knowledge.

The developers at 9to5Google found hidden hot toggle switches between “block camera” and “mute microphone” which should now be manually enabled using developer options.

With either switch enabled, you can cut off access to cameras and microphones, even if the app has permission to use them.


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