Download Call of Duty game for Pc, To all our fans around the world, our appointment today is to provide you with how to download the Call of Duty game 6 with a direct download link, as well as providing all ways to get the game.

We have all seen the tremendous development that took place for new technology, these terrible developments that changed the world 180 degrees. This development has led to the emergence of new generations of electronic devices with wonderful new capabilities.

Call of Duty game for Pc

These new devices have many features such as the new 3D graphics through which you can embody the game characters and thus feel as if you are living inside the game through this technology. Many games that simulate reality have also been made. These technologies also helped the development of devices that also helped to develop the games.

The manufacturers of the various game series have also benefited from the call of duty game. These technologies have made new parts of the games, such as the well-known call of duty games series, this series responsible for making action games on the computer.

Therefore, Infinity Word took advantage of these technologies and created a new version, this version was called Call of Duty 6 Call of Duty and it is the second part of the Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare game.

Download Call of Duty game for Pc
Download Call of Duty game for Pc

Download Call of Duty game for Pc

Infinity Ward has made many versions of the Call of Duty games series. It was based in previous parts on making World War II games. These games were taking the old style, which is the style of World War II in different shapes, such as the characters that play with them, They also created graphics that simulate the reality of WWII to make you live inside the game, but now the game mode has been updated since the release of the call of duty 4 modern warfare game.

Call of duty 4 modern warfare game

This game is the beginning of combat games that depend on the new form of warfare as they have updated weapons, characters, graphics, tasks, the story of the game, and the techniques used, but the manufacturer was not satisfied with that, but also made many different circles that followed the march of the call of duty 4 modern warfare game. Technologies, weapons, and story.

The story is no longer based on outright warfare but is now dependent on secret missions, various intelligence missions, rescue operations, and other secret missions in which new military technologies are used.

Download Call of Duty game for Pc
Download Call of Duty game for Pc

Features of Call of Duty game for Pc

  • Many new technical weapons have been added that make the game more exciting and exciting.
  • Many different tasks have been added and they are not satisfied with the old story, but they have been modified, changed, and put in place new systems for the game.
  • The game contains many new combat technologies such as missiles and new electronic tanks controlled by remote control, they added many advanced parts to weapons to make them more effective.
  • The game has preserved the same usual playing systems, such as the single system for playing, in which you complete tasks and complete the story of the game, and they have modified the multiplayer system, adding new maps and weapons, as it no longer requires an external program in order to play the game over the Internet with different people around the world.
  • They created new exercises that help you learn the game and use new weapons.
  • They developed a new control system through which you can use your fighting skills to play.
  • The game has a mission all in it that the game shows you all the existing weapons, bombs, and various mines for you to try.

Call of Duty game for Pc requirements

Call of Duty game, the sixth part of the distinctive parts of the Call of Duty series games, Call of Duty, like many games, has several requirements that must be met if it is loaded on your device, and we will explain to you all the requirements for operation, which are the type of processor and space, RAM, graphics card, and many other requirements.

  • The dual-core processor as a minimum Core 2 duo or quad-core processor as a maximum Core 2 quad.
  • RAM is not less than 1 GB.
  • Screen Card: 256 NVIDIA GeForce 6600G or later.
  • DirectX 9.0 is present.
  • The presence of hard disk space of at least 12 GB.

Download Call of Duty game for Pc

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