Download PUBG MOBILE for iPhone, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) ignited the world in 2017 at the time of its launch, and not long ago it invaded its mobile version and spread to the point that no one is ignorant of it, all you have to do is land on an island and stay alive in a battle between you And among 99 other people, is it worth the spread? Is it worth a try? We will know the answer shortly.

About PUBG MOBILE for iPhone

The game starts with your landing from Parachute on a mysterious and deserted island in Eastern Europe where you have nothing but the island map that will show you a lot, then everyone starts a match without weapons and they have to search the buildings to find weapons, ammunition, first aid tools, etc., if you are lucky you will find a group Of arms.

It is usually a long-range rifle with a maximizing range and a short-range weapon, this allows you to choose whether you want to search for other players, risk your life directly, or hide and ambush someone very close.

After Download PUBG MOBILE for iPhone, you continue to fight and dodge with 99 other people. The person who can save his life will get a chicken dinner and be the winner of the game. You can play individually or form a two- or four-way team.

Download PUBG MOBILE for iPhone
Download PUBG MOBILE for iPhone

The necessary specifications to download the PUBG game for iPhone

There are necessary specifications for the devices that can run the game of PUBG for the iPhone, even if you meet these specifications, depending on the device in your hands, you may find that the overall experience is either great or unfortunately not quite as wonderful as you had hoped.

Regardless of whether the ability to play PUBG on a mobile device and not a PUBG game for the computer, what do you need if you want to join the two PUBG games on the iPhone?

There is a set of specifications that must be met, as a minimum, on a device in order to be able to download the PUBG game for iPhone.

When it comes to iOS, the list of supported devices for this game is a long list, but you need to use a device running iOS 9 or later, if you have an iPhone in your hand, the iPhone 5s should be iPhone 6 + Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 5. “Or later, and if you are using an iPad, it is better to have an iPad mini 2 or iPad Air or later if you want to play PUBG, so that you can download a game of PUBG for iPhone.

How to win in PUBG for iPhone

Choose where to land:

Put your eyes on the game map, and watch the places where other players will land in the game, as there are a group of vital places rich in weapons and other materials that you need inside the game. Of course, players will flock to these areas like locust swarms. Avoid approaching these places so that you do not end your journey. On the island in just a few seconds.

Also, choose a place that has a good amount of weapons and the supplies that you need in your struggle, try to choose areas that have buildings to have weapons in them and they are fairly safe areas, in addition to this, you do not take much time to think before landing because several seconds are enough for your opponents to get On all arms.

Gather the largest number of weapons first, and then think about hitting:

Once you get off the plane, think about collecting what you can collect from the distinctive weapons, especially if the powerful AWM sniper rifle does not think of striking early before collecting a large rich of these weapons.

And remember very well that every professional player will think the same way, so watch out, you may face death anywhere you go, collect some ammunition and get a distinctive backpack, and do not forget about the armor, also medical supplies have a role.

The art of launching:

A big mistake that some beginners make is to start shooting immediately after owning the weapon, it is necessary to study the matter well and know to strike a balance between the time of disappearance and the time of fire according to what the map shows you, also using the type of weapon at the right time, SMG guns and missiles are useful for damage With close damage, assault rifles and pistols are useful in mid-range battles, and sniper rifles are perfect for capturing long-range shots.

If you are shooting a distant enemy with the fairly powerful Tommy Gun for example all you do is give up your position which is a fatal mistake that could cost you your life, the attachments can expand the range of some weapons.

Download PUBG MOBILE for iPhone
Download PUBG MOBILE for iPhone

Keep your eyes in mind the map:

After Download PUBG MOBILE for iPhone, you must choose a map, this is a very important point, as the map will show you the movements of others, safe areas, and other matters, in PUBG for iPhone the only safe area, is located inside the circle, this circle will begin to shrink at specific times during the match.

And if you find yourself outside for too long, you will eventually die. Every new circle will appear on your map as a white outline, so if you watch your map you will always know where to turn.

There’s no need to rush in the early stages, but eventually, you’ll need to move to avoid death while also trying to stay away from other players who will do the same.

You should always try to stay inside the circle whenever possible, but if you need to move, move quickly and locate your target, the mini-map also contains a distinct trick that you need to look out for which is the fire pointer, if you hear gunfire in the vicinity then take a quick look On the map and it will show exactly where it comes from.

Buy a vehicle for speed of movement:

Each user or player after Download PUBG MOBILE for iPhone must choose a bike, both the motorcycle and the buggy are great for pressure on the playing area, but they will leave you relatively exposed, large vehicles like jeeps will be slower but big and enough to carry four players (If you are playing on a team) with a great deal of protection.

Download PUBG MOBILE for iPhone

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