Casio gsw h1000 price

The Japanese company, Casio, has officially announced the first smartwatch running with a wear system from Google from the famous G-Shock series aimed at athletes.

The Casio GSW H1000 is available in a variety of colors including red, blue and black, with shock resistance and water resistance support up to 200 meters.

This makes it suitable to wear while swimming, and Casio says its new smartwatch GSW H1000 focuses on fitness and is designed to be worn during exercise, including surfing and snowboarding.

While the well-established Casio company has launched many smart watches with Ware system from Google since 2016

But it is the first time that a G-Shock series smartwatch from the eighties of the last century has been introduced with Google, which provides consumers with one of the most durable watches with the advantages of smart watches

gsw h1000 specs

The first Casio smartwatch in the G-Shock series delivers up to a month of use

Casio’s first smartwatch in the G-Shock series in black

The new Casio smart watch Casio GSW H1000 comes with a 1.2-inch screen with a resolution of 360 pixels

It is a screen consisting of two layers, one is a color LCD and the other is monochrome, which always provides the user with information

The Japanese company said that the new watch battery can last for a day and a half when using the color screen, but it extends for up to a whole month when relying on the watch to display the time and data provided by the sensors only.

It takes about three hours to fully charge the watch, according to Casio

The new Casio GSW H1000 smartwatch focuses on providing comprehensive data on sporting activities

The built-in Casio app provides tracking of various training activities, including running, indoor exercises, swimming, cycling, and even snowboarding.

Casio says that the application includes monitoring fitness factors during the performance of 15 sports and 24 exercises of internal exercises, so that the watch provides information on distance, speed, time and number of steps during a running sport

In addition to information on heart rate, activity map and calories burned

The watch face displays data directly, such as speed and heart rate, with the ability to summarize and rearrange the data to create a display that suits the user’s needs.

With the ability to scroll on the screen to view more data, in addition to the presence of three different aspects that the user can choose between, with support for choosing between the color of each face or the feature of the watch, whether blue, red or gold

Users of the new Casio GSW H1000 smart watch can also display a map directly on the watch screen, in addition to displaying the compass to get directions.

Plus, it can display barometric pressure, altitude measurements, tide charts, sunrise and sunset times, and more

Price and supported phones Casio GSW H1000

The new Casio smartwatch GSW H1000 supports both iPhone and Android phones through the G-SHOCK MOVE application, available free of charge through the Google Play Store and the App Store.

Which allows the user to control the watch options, in addition to viewing a record of sports exercises, including activity and analysis about it and the progress in achieving fitness goals

The new Casio smart watch GSW-H1000, the first in the G-Shock category, is available at a price of $ 699, in three assorted colors, including black, red and blue, with support for GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

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