PUBG game for Android, PUBG game is one of the best video games in the last three years, and it is a survival game also known as unknown player battlefields, the game comes from Tencent, this game was released in March 2017 is available on Windows, Xbox, Android, and iPhone devices.

Download PUBG for Android

Download PUBG for Android At the beginning of each match, 100 players jump from the plane by parachute onto an island where players try to save their lives from inside the game until the end.

This is through a successful strategy in gathering weapons, armor, and ammunition to confront and kill other players.

You can download the game easily and run it on computers and smartphones and start the confrontation, it is one of the games that require an Internet connection so that you can play and communicate with other players from anywhere in the world.

After downloading the game, registration is done through creating an account, and this account can be linked to a Facebook account or Twitter account.

After that, you can enter the game at any time and from anywhere through your account, the game includes more than 2 million people, you can play with your friends against another group.

And you can play alone against other people, and it is now one of the most popular games in 100 countries around the world.

PUBG game for Android
PUBG game for Android

PUBG game for Android

Game PUBG Mobile is the first of its kind in the Battleground games and the most famous of them at the moment as it contains millions of players.

How to play the PUBG Mobile game:

  • First, log in with Facebook or Twitter as you like.
  • Choose a name for your character in the game and choose its features and looks.
  • Choose your country.
  • start playing.
  • There are 4 different maps inside the game: Erangel, Sanhok, Mermar, and Vikandi, and you can play any of them
  • Gameplay The game is divided into 3 single – double – quadruple gameplay.
  • You enter the game and wait 60 seconds for the game to start.
  • The game starts with 100 players.
  • You go down anywhere you want by selecting it on the map and going down to it via parachute, and you can follow one of your friends so that you land with him in the same place without the need to control during the parachute.
  • and You can bring weapons by entering inside the facilities and houses, and you will find them on the ground. You collect them. The way to win is for you and your team to eliminate all the players so that no one is left but inside the entire map.

Steps to play PUBG for Android

  • There are also paths that the plane drops in a random place every two minutes. There are distinctive weapons inside that you can only find inside, and it is possible that you will find distinctive clothing.
  • The zone is a restricted area that you must move away from so that it can kill you, the strength of the zone increases every time.
  • You can also wear a helmet and shield so that you can handle more.
  • and You can use the car to gain weight quickly and in less time.
  • You must assemble the weapon parts so that you can have good control over the weapon and not vibrate.
  • Weapons are divided into [SMG-AR] each type has its own shot and distinct cut.
  • Also, there are SNIPERS that need a scoop so that you can control it easily.
PUBG game for Android
PUBG game for Android

You can also follow these steps to learn how to play

After downloading and running the game on your mobile or computer, you can choose from more than one mode to play in it, and one of the most famous of these modes is Classic, in this mode you can play alone or with a group.

After entering this mode, you find that it contains 100 players divided into groups, each group is divided into 4 players, Download Pubg Apk The game begins by descending from the plane by parachute on a remote island of 8 km.

You start collecting weapons, equipment, ammunition, and camouflage clothing so that you can easily hide from enemies and first aid.

You can get these things from the battlefield and you can get them when killing other people,

the objective of this mode is to kill everyone and stay alive.

PUBG game for Android

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