Facebook leak check your data

The Facebook administration has not yet come out to show us the real data leakage of more than 500 million Facebook users.

To keep the data of millions of users of the popular social networking site spread on the Internet without any protection and without even knowing that their data has been leaked

The only solution to find out if your data has been leaked is to access and search the leaked data, hoping that you will not find your account among them.

But this process will not be easy for everyone, and the ease of access to the leaked data means that everyone can find out about other people’s data

Mozilla, the developer of the popular Firefox browser, has provided a tool that allows users to track leaks of their various account data through email searches, which we review with you in the next few steps

Facebook data leak link

1_Go to the Mozilla tool

2_Enter your email

  • Enter your email in the box shown in the image. If you want to get notifications automatically when your accounts are leaking their data, check the small box at the bottom.

3_Was your data leaked?

  • On the next page, you’ll find all of your various account data leaks since Mozilla introduced the tool. Personally, my accounts were exposed twice to their data being leaked, but I was not one of those whose data was leaked during the recent Facebook crisis, so how many times was your account data leaked?

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